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Getting Grease out of clothes

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horseshoe Fri 20-May-05 08:34:33

Help.....I'm at work and have tipped butter down me and cant get it out.....Looks like I have put a dirty top on this morning.

horseshoe Fri 20-May-05 09:49:44


bea Fri 20-May-05 10:14:42

apart from stripping off... spraying with vanish or such like... and bunging in machine straight away... you're scuppered!!!!


horseshoe Fri 20-May-05 10:25:34

Oh great,

It's right on my boob aswell.

Looks like i've had a tit leek

beansontoast Fri 20-May-05 10:30:24

washing up liquid..neat whilst it the cloth is dry...rub it in with your finger ,then wash as normal.

zzzzzzzzzzzzz im so dull

beansontoast Fri 20-May-05 10:30:59

derr and your at work!

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