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ideas for christening present?

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francesrivis Wed 15-Jul-09 12:38:57

Hi, we are going to a christening at the weekend at which DP has been asked to be godparent, and it has belatedly dawned on me that we need to get the baby a present! I haven't been to a christening since I was a child - can anyone give me some ideas about what is appropriate (bearing in mind we are on a tight budget?) TIA

KittyWalker Wed 15-Jul-09 12:42:13

What is your budget and is the child male or female?

meep Wed 15-Jul-09 12:43:57

I tend to give a book - some sort of children's classic (hardback) that can be kept and maybe actually read in the future. But not Peter Rabbit etc because they get loads of those!

I bought this recently - it is hardback with lovely pictures.

georgiemum Wed 15-Jul-09 12:46:08

We got a coin set from the royal mint for the birth year. I also liked the savings bonds.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Wed 15-Jul-09 12:55:28

Does depend on the budget.

Money box - with coins inside.
Silver photo frame.
Premium Bonds.
Special book.

Pinkjenny Wed 15-Jul-09 13:02:16

I went to a christening on Sunday and bought this for the child. It was very sweet.

tigerbear Wed 15-Jul-09 13:04:33

OP - Are you good at making things?
If so, a small toy or picture might work.
I did this recently, as same as you, we are on a very tight budget. I made two little felt creatures (one for the baby and one for her sister who is nearly 3) - the children loved them, and the parents appreciated the thought and that it was something so personal.

KittyWalker Wed 15-Jul-09 13:08:55

How about one of these

francesrivis Wed 15-Jul-09 13:15:02

Many thanks for all these ideas. It's for a little boy, and I can't really spend more than £15.00. Rubbish at making things I'm afraid tiger! I might well go for the book idea or one of the personalised money boxes.

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