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How do you clear out toys without feeling guilty?

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mamadiva Wed 15-Jul-09 07:57:50

DS is 3YO and I have never successfully been able to have a toy clearout or clothes for that matter it's all packed away in cupboards or whereever else they will fit!

Must get them out of house and stat again as toys seem to be taking over my home!!! blush

How do you clear out without feeling like a toy snatching cow? I always seem to find I'm like well he will play with that when he's older/plays with it sometimes/good incase he plays as it educational

I know I should'nt and I don't drive so need a way to transport all of this stuff to whereever without DS seeing as he just kicks off when he sees anything go.

I want to go down to the basic toys now rather than all this singing dancing crap I seem to have acquired.


VousFaireVousPeutAvecUneChevre Wed 15-Jul-09 08:03:35

freecycle it and specify it must be collected after your ds is in bed.

twinklytoes Wed 15-Jul-09 10:38:20

you box up and hide box for a couple of months. if dc remembers something they want from box, they have it but after two months the box goes on freecycle or I take to our local childrens centre for their table top sale.

alternatively, I arrive in my dcs room with a black bag and anything not put away goes in the bag and off to children's centre. My dcs are older though and this usually makes them tidy up!

another option to reduce toys coming in is that family now contribute to one big pressie at xmas and bdays or buy things like an annual pass for somewhere or theatre tickets.

we also practise the one in, one out for any toys purchased outside of presents.

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