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Sp what are your babies doing while you're on Mumsnet?

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Magscat Thu 19-May-05 15:39:05

This isn't criticism, it's guilt about leaving mine alone cos I'm getting addicted to the computer. She doesn't seem to like being on my lap while I'm online so usually I'm nipping between her and the pc or waiting until she's asleep.

Is leaving a baby to play with baby gym/toy ok for short periods (assuming they are perfectly safe and not crying).

Sometimes it's useful because she needs to wind down & go to sleep so I don't think ignoring her does her any harm but when there's a really interesting thread going I'm hopping between her & the pc! Anyone else?

starlover Thu 19-May-05 15:40:13

magscat I am JUST the same!
I feel so guilty leaving DS on his beanbag, or under his gym... he's only 3 months!

He is asleep now. He sits on my lap for short periods but gets bored.

TrophyWife Thu 19-May-05 15:41:36

my ds is 2.5 and i leave him in his room playing while im on here, at the moment hes lying on the floor under the coffee table (same room as me) glued to the fimbles on cbbeeis.

ambrosia Thu 19-May-05 15:41:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Flum Thu 19-May-05 15:42:28

Babies need 'me' time too.

Gwenick Thu 19-May-05 15:43:16

I agree Flum - my argument is that it helps them develop independence and learn to play on their own

snafu Thu 19-May-05 15:43:50

Ds is in the cupboard under the stairs. I can hear him shouting something from here, but I'm sure he's fine.

SoupDragon Thu 19-May-05 15:43:55

Goodness knows. I send 4yo DS2 to fetch DS1 (6) from school aaaaaaages ago and they've not come back yet.

bakedpotato Thu 19-May-05 15:44:15

'me time', yes.
Gives them a nice break from all the parental gurning and gurgling

Gwenick Thu 19-May-05 15:44:25


SenoraPostrophe Thu 19-May-05 15:44:36

i thought this thread was for me!

they're asleep or with their dad usually. does him good.

Magscat Thu 19-May-05 15:44:49

Oh good. I'm feeling better already. My dd is 4 months and it's her I worry about.
Ds is nearly 4 and every time I get near the computer he demands to play on the CBeebies site (he's taught me to do stuff on here and I'm no technophobe)!

kama Thu 19-May-05 15:45:07

Message withdrawn

Magscat Thu 19-May-05 15:45:41

PS - "Sp" - was meant to be 'so.....' - guess you worked that out now. Sorry for confusion.

Magscat Thu 19-May-05 15:47:52

Kama - does that mean you've got the knack of breastfeeding with no hands???
I saw someone doing that in a restaurant this week and was so impressed. I need 2 hands - one to hold babe and the other to hold boob so it doesn't fall out of her mouth (too heavy).

Toothache Thu 19-May-05 15:51:41

Shit!! The kids!!!!

Completely forgot about them!


kama Thu 19-May-05 15:55:16

Message withdrawn

loulabelle222 Thu 19-May-05 15:56:41

my ds (13m) is ill with a cold and is sound asleep in his buggy!

Magscat Thu 19-May-05 16:01:30

Toothache - ROFL

Kama - mine is same re. distraction - takes the minimum to keep hunger away then has something better to look at. Will try the single hand hold & see if it works for me.

kama Thu 19-May-05 16:15:02

Message withdrawn

Distel Thu 19-May-05 16:20:56

My 2 watch cbeebies all day while ds is at school - isn't that what t.v is for??????????????????????????

Lonelymum Thu 19-May-05 16:22:04

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Pagan Thu 19-May-05 16:22:41

DD is having a nap and DS is b/f (like he always does)

Gwenick Thu 19-May-05 16:45:03

hmmm - just had a 'shout' from DS1 to say that DS2 is stood on the dining room table - I guess I'd better go and rescue him

elsmommy Thu 19-May-05 16:46:45

Kicking me in the back!!!

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