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Next time I witter on and ON self-righteously about how pregnancy and motherhood haven't affected my competence, please remind me that...

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motherinferior Thu 19-May-05 11:34:32

...I just made lentil soup.

Without the lentils .

They're in there now, but it does rather put egg on my face, doesn't it.

expatinscotland Thu 19-May-05 11:35:25

Not if they're red lentils. Those sort of blend in with the scenery, anyway.

Flum Thu 19-May-05 11:35:52

Did you ever make lentil soup before you had nippers deary?

serenity Thu 19-May-05 11:38:11

and I thought you were just trying to add to the long thread titles

You've got egg in the soup too?

I have to admit that at least once a week I start cooking something I discover I don't have all the bits for. Unfortunately I've always been scatty, and cannot blame the kids....

Marina Thu 19-May-05 11:39:26

You silly sausage
What did you put in it then, out of interest?

motherinferior Thu 19-May-05 11:48:13

Marina, I put in onions, garlic (both chopped), bouillon powder and water. It was bubbling away happily and fortunately I was still in the kitchen that it struck me that I'd forgotten something.

There is now also ground cumin, lemon juice, chopped organic frozen spinach and a slurp of olive oil. I've got a worky lunch on with someone who would NOT have been impressed, would she...

acnebride Thu 19-May-05 11:49:06

Sounds delicious, can I have a bowl please?


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