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13m ds will only fall asleep in his buggy or baby car seat

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loulabelle222 Thu 19-May-05 11:22:29

For months now my ds loves going to bed in his buggy. At the minute he is asleep in his baby car seat. He grabs his blanket and his dummy climbs in and before i know it he is asleep. In a way i think this is really cute but I know that later on he will need to sleep in his cot. At about 7 I give him a bottle and put him down in his buggy, he goes straight off to sleep ,at about 7.30 I pick him up and put him in his cot and he is down for the night. I really regret even starting to do this as now when ever i try to put him down in his cot to bed he screams and screams. Any idea of how to get his routine into changing from buggy to cot into just his cot?

NotQuiteCockney Thu 19-May-05 11:24:16

Does he stay asleep in the cot all night? If so, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

It might be worth talking to him about the cot, or putting nice stuffed toys in it for him?

compo Thu 19-May-05 11:24:27

bless him climbing into his car seat for a nap!! I guess you could try with the cot and do the pick up/put down method until he gets used to it. But as it seems to work okay at the moment i'd be tempted to just leave it

loulabelle222 Thu 19-May-05 11:26:35

yeah he sleeps all night in his cot.. loves it! I am tempted just to leave it but i don't want him to be 3 and still climbing in his car seat or asking to go in his buggy to bed. He sleeps so well like this though!

NotQuiteCockney Thu 19-May-05 11:28:11

I'd leave it. When he's three, you can talk to him about it, talk it up. There's no rush with these things.

koalabear Thu 19-May-05 11:59:00

i wouldn't worry during the day, but at night i would place buggy next to cot for a bit so you can keep doing the same thing but he gets used to going to sleep next to the cot

then after about a week, i would let him climb into the buggy and get sleepy, but tranfer him into the cot whilst he just awake

i would keep doing this until he is happy to go straight into cot

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