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If you could change your nickname, what would you change it to?

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ks Thu 08-May-03 09:39:15

Message withdrawn

Mum2Toby Thu 08-May-03 09:40:27


SimonHoward Thu 08-May-03 12:37:03

Seems mine would now have to to be 'Stalker_Of_Mum2Toby' 'Flirtnet' or 'Mumsnet_Pinup_May_2003'

But if I had my way 'Dazed_And_Confused' would sometimes seem a better one.

Tinker Thu 08-May-03 12:45:05

I'm sooo bored of my nickname and wanted to change it WeeWee but isn't there a OuiOui? Felt like I'd be stepping on her toes. Can NEVER divulge the origin of current name though!

SimonHoward Thu 08-May-03 12:49:07


Was it becasue there was already a Soldier, a Sailor and a Spy on here?

SimonHoward Thu 08-May-03 12:50:06

Make that a Tailor, Soldier and a Spy.

meanmum Thu 08-May-03 13:05:58

Some days I would change my real name because it confuses so many people by the way it is pronounced.

Wouldn't change my nickname on mumsnet as I am a mean mum

ks Thu 08-May-03 13:14:46

Message withdrawn

Rhubarb Thu 08-May-03 15:25:11

How about 'shutupandlistentome' or 'troll' just so everyone knows! Or 'comeanaveagoifyerfinkyerardenough' or is that too long? I like 'Iamrightandyouarewrong'. The radio had a good one the other day 'R.Slicker' very funny!

ks Thu 08-May-03 16:36:15

Message withdrawn

Rhiannon Thu 08-May-03 17:14:16

Think I will, bad press on the income thread!

ScummyMummy Thu 08-May-03 20:44:21

Don't sweat it, Rhiannon. Somehow you are likeable despite your riches, I always think. I usually disagree with your posts but I never think "yuk, what is she on?" for some reason.

Mum2Toby Thu 08-May-03 20:53:21

Scummymummy - did she pay you to say that.

Only kidding!!!!!!!!

Don't worry about it Rhiannon. *When* I win the lottery I'll be a very smug rich person. You are not and you've earned your money, so who cares what others say!

Rhubarb Thu 08-May-03 21:23:46

Blimey KS! Reading the whole thread now I can see that you might think I am having a go! Am horrified! No, no, no, I thought this was a general thread about changing nicknames, so I was saying what I would change mine to! Sorry for mortally wounding you! Am I forgiven? Am I? Am I?

Mum2Toby Thu 08-May-03 21:25:42

Rhubarb - have you read the other thread, which seems to clarify it..... you have LOTS of friends!!!?

ks Thu 08-May-03 21:28:11

Message withdrawn

RockingRosebud Thu 08-May-03 21:32:20

Yes that Rhiannon is a nice girlie isn't she?

Mum2Toby Thu 08-May-03 21:34:36

Oh GOD did she pay you too RockingRosebud!!!??

ScummyMummy Thu 08-May-03 21:36:16

RockingRosebud is a cool name, Rhiannon. Go for it, you rich tory girl you

Rhubarb Thu 08-May-03 21:36:25

KS - don't fret! Haven't seen the other thread yet though!!!!!!! But no sweat really, it was as much my fault as anyone's! And yes I did get your email thank you, otherwise I wouldn't be on here tonight! I sent you one back in reply. Really, I am very very hard to offend. (But don't try anyone ok!)

gosh2 Thu 08-May-03 21:39:14

Is Rhiannon the richest babe on the site?

She is a rich tory girl!

RockingRosebud Thu 08-May-03 21:51:46

Oh scummy, I've been tumbled and it's only been 5 mintues, I just can't keep quiet can I?

No I am not rich, only rich with the love of my family. I am very normal with 2 kids and a mortgage. Today I went shopping to Primark. I have so much housework to do I don't know where to start.

Crikey, is that Star out there? Someone remembers the Tory posting that was ages ago!

ScummyMummy Thu 08-May-03 21:55:53

Sorry RockingRosebud- didn't realise you SERIOUSLY wanted a name change or I wouldn't have said anything. You always seem so confident and comfortable about who you are. I like that.
Me too with the housework. Are you still doing the timer thing?

eidsvold Thu 08-May-03 21:56:44

crankywench.... or crusadermum ( according to husband)

gosh2 Thu 08-May-03 22:00:54

Yeah right RRB you prob have some mortgage to some big castle that hosts the Tory Party Ball!!

Anyhow you only went to Primark looking for one of your constituents doing work experiece (and Michael Portillo was in Asda all along). Admit it, you never really felt as comfortable in Primark as you do in Gucci?!

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