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privacy what privacy

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Hsl500 Mon 13-Jul-09 14:07:21

Hiya i have seen quite a few members on this site are also on another(NM)
I have recently been banned from that other site and just want to warn other members if i can
I posted as anon and it was emailed back to my hubby via a mod/staff member, i know this as nobody else klnows anon and it was traced via my ip number they told him in an email, no Ip numbers are visable to members??
Anyway i got banned for 3 months they told me, now that 3 months is up i have stil had no real reason why i was banned but the fact my hubby complained,
makes no sence but i know sadly quite a few members use the anon service for a reason and the so called privacy policy is bull, it does not exist after what happened to us, I have also learnt that we are the only members who have had family rung up.
At the time i had split with my hubby and i posted in confidenece to them,
Sorry if in wrong place but just want to make others aware that privacy does not exist on NM's , and beware what you post as can be leaked
i dont want others to have the same trouble I did , its not worth it
thanks for reading

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