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Dying shoes?

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wangle99 Thu 19-May-05 07:47:55

Anyone know anything about dying leather shoes?

DD has a nearly new pair of blue Clarks but is changing schools and HAS to have a black pair, loathe to buy another pair!

My Mum seems to think you can buy shoe dye for leather shoes but I've never heard of it.


emmamama Thu 19-May-05 09:17:25

Dylon make shoe dye in every colour. I remember dying a pair of pink stilletoes black, and it did work!!

emmamama Thu 19-May-05 09:17:50

It was in 1986 btw.

snailspace Sat 21-May-05 23:25:27

Message withdrawn

wangle99 Sun 22-May-05 10:40:46

Thank you!

I managed to get some shoe dye in town so will have a go during half term. Was going to do it this weekend but then realised if it went wrong DD wouldn't have any shoes to wear this week at school!

stitch Sun 22-May-05 10:46:08

just polish with black polish a few times. should do the trick

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