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Are there ANY good films out at the moment? (gah)

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Pruni Wed 18-May-05 21:56:30

Message withdrawn

starlover Wed 18-May-05 21:57:05

if you're canoodling does it matter what;s on?

JoolsToo Wed 18-May-05 21:59:46

think its gone from cinemas now but am looking forwars to manchurian conaditate on sky - someone on here has said it s the best film theyve seen for ages but you ahv eot concentrate!

Denzel is in it too

Gobbledigook Wed 18-May-05 22:00:23

I want to see Star Wars III and Kingdom of Heaven - fancy either of those?

Pruni Wed 18-May-05 22:03:36

Message withdrawn

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