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Leading on from internet ex searching, how do I wipe google history?

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colditz Wed 18-May-05 18:51:27

It just occured to me that dp would be less than happy to see my exs name crop up!

ruthiemum Wed 18-May-05 18:55:09

Go into control panel on start, internet options and then clear hisotry, i do it all the time!

trefusis Wed 18-May-05 18:55:51

Message withdrawn

colditz Wed 18-May-05 19:00:16

Aha! Thankyou!

Davros Mon 23-May-05 18:40:40

Been meaning to ask, does this mean that someone Googling something you've posted about on MN wouldn't be able to find it/you? If not, is there a way to do that?

anchovies Mon 23-May-05 18:44:40

You should clear your history temp files and cookies from time to time jsut to make sure there's nothing untoward in there anyway!

I am a frequent ex searcher! Dh obviously doesn't know how to erase history and forms as I've caught him out loads. Apparently he found by accident...

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