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I need your witty brilliance! Please help me with this game... take a singer's name and add a herb/food item e.g. Elvis Parsley

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yogabird Thu 09-Jul-09 09:16:43

dh is embroiled in a game and is running out of ideas. Whilst he hasn't asked me to help him directly, I know that if I were to text him some item of witty brilliance every so often, he would like it very much!
So the challenge is set, his last offering was Simon & Garfungus so he is scraping the bottom of the barrel!

THey are also playing (simultaneously - despite being men) a round where you combine a car with a fish ie) Skoda Octopus, if that tickles your fancy rather more grin

SoMuchToBits Thu 09-Jul-09 09:24:45

John Lemon
Amy Winegum
The Corr - gettes
Tanita Tikka Masalla
Kate Gooseberry-Bush
Cliff Rich Tea

5inthebed Thu 09-Jul-09 09:26:13

Michael Flapjackson

Bruce Springonion

Meatloaf hmm


Kylie Meringue

Lizzylou Thu 09-Jul-09 09:32:33

Coriander Bailey-Rae

Oasis (y'know, the juice)

Limp Biscuit

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Salt n Pepper

Wham Bar

Sorry, they are crap!

pollywobbledoodle Thu 09-Jul-09 09:37:03

kanye chive [no, i can't]

titchy Thu 09-Jul-09 09:39:02

Ford Ka-rp
Renault Es-plaice
Ford fish-finger
VW guppy
Renault Krab-doo

harpsichordcarrier Thu 09-Jul-09 09:39:55

David Lee Broth
Bruce Springroll
Damon Albun
Freddie Mercurry

yappybluedog Thu 09-Jul-09 09:41:20

Brocolli Spears

SoupDragon Thu 09-Jul-09 09:41:44

Peugeot 4-oh-skate?

yappybluedog Thu 09-Jul-09 09:42:28


SoupDragon Thu 09-Jul-09 09:43:18

The Beet-les

choccyp1g Thu 09-Jul-09 09:43:45

Bob Dill-on
Half Man, Half Biscuit grin

yogabird Thu 09-Jul-09 09:45:33

this is fantastic!!! Beyond my hopes, am about to text a few to him now. What a witty (and speedy to react) bunch you are - thanks, so far! grin

SoupDragon Thu 09-Jul-09 09:46:29

I guess the Black Eyed Peas don't count Could have Black Eyed Pease I guess?

SoupDragon Thu 09-Jul-09 09:47:42

U-Tofu instead of U2?

SoupDragon Thu 09-Jul-09 09:48:14

Rolling Scones

CatIsSleepy Thu 09-Jul-09 09:48:28

The Rolling Scones

CatIsSleepy Thu 09-Jul-09 09:48:52

doh!! grin

KingRolo Thu 09-Jul-09 09:49:26


Damon Albran

The Peach Boys

LambShanks and Bigfoot (remember that Sweet Like Chocolate song? No?)

Tears for Beers

Crisp Rea

Pike and the Mechanics

SoupDragon Thu 09-Jul-09 09:49:52

Bread Zepplin
Guns 'n' Toasties

SoupDragon Thu 09-Jul-09 09:50:15

Mötley Stew

KingRolo Thu 09-Jul-09 09:50:18

Black Eyed Pies!

Bumperslucious Thu 09-Jul-09 09:50:36

Broccoli Spears

SoupDragon Thu 09-Jul-09 09:50:50

Def Pepper

KingRolo Thu 09-Jul-09 09:50:51

Buns and Roses

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