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Car written off in crash!

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oliveoil Wed 18-May-05 09:35:20

Our car has just been written off! My FIL was driving it and was in parked traffic and this dozy bint drove into the back of it. Luckily my girls weren't in the back as the back seats were pushed right forward and even in their car seats they would have been hurt, doesn't bear thinking about.

FFS. It was a good car as well, only M reg (I think) but it would have lasted us for a few more years. I have just finished Mat leave and haven't any spare cash to invest in another one.

When the dozy bint got out, she said to my FIL "oh, I think this was my fault". Dya think?????

Amanda1 Wed 18-May-05 09:36:53

Message withdrawn

oliveoil Wed 18-May-05 09:39:49

FIL is off to hospital now, he is ok but his back is sore so he wants to get checked out.

Dh reckons we will maybe only get £1K or £2K for the car so we won't be able to get the same standard one back . Balls.

I have the biggest double buggy in the world and it fitted in the boot!

God, I am so fed up. Grrrrrrrr.

Amanda1 Wed 18-May-05 09:49:24

Message withdrawn

misdee Wed 18-May-05 09:50:54

i got a M reg car for 1,500 last year. was written off 4 monbths later and insurence only paid out £800 as that was the book price. were the car seats in the car? you can claim back the price of new ones if they were in there off the insurence as well. as she went into the back of your car it'll be her insurence who will have to pay out.
my car was a cavilier and had a huuuuge boot. was very annoyed when it got written off. was my 1st real car as well, even tho i never drove it.
Hope your FIl is ok.

flum Wed 18-May-05 09:52:49

can youget a car on the never never. they always seem to be offering cars for you know 25 quid a week in garages. am always too scared to get em so end up buying a banger out right./

was it only insured 3rd party?

oliveoil Wed 18-May-05 09:54:17

I hadn't thought of that misdee, do you think I need new baby seats? Double balls. .

My FIL and DH run their own garage business so if anyone can sort a car out they can but I DON'T NEED THIS HASSLE AT THE MOMENT ARRRGGGHHHHHHHHHH.

misdee Wed 18-May-05 09:56:29

you will need to get new seats. buy new ones them send the recipts off as an extra expense. i got mine paid for by insurence.

oliveoil Wed 18-May-05 09:58:24

Sob. Righty ho, will inform dh.

Thanks for reminding me misdee.

misdee Wed 18-May-05 10:00:09

get really expwensive ones lol.

its a pain in the arse. if ytou need to hire a cart also ask them in advance if they will cover the cost. we had to hire a car for a week after the inital insurence hire car (they let us have it for 2 weeks after the crash) as dh and dd's had hospital appoitnmets.

justmummy Wed 18-May-05 10:04:00

If insurance company does write it off, you can buy the car back from them for a percentage of the amount they give you for it.

You said FIL & DH run a garage so could they then get it fixed using the rest of the insurance money.

We did this a few years ago - i can't remember exact figures but i think we only paid insurance company £100- £200 for our car that they valued at about £1000. So we then had remaining £800-£900 to get it fixed.
Works out ok if you know someone to fix it cheaply.

oliveoil Wed 18-May-05 10:04:28

We won't need to hire a car as they have a pool of them at the garage that we could borrow. And my MIL has a car fitted with 2 seats as she looks after dd1 and 2 when I work.

I am off to get a bacon buttie and stew in my mood in the corner.


slartibardfast Wed 18-May-05 10:04:52

Uninsured losses - the costs to you that are not covered by your insurance - are in principle the liability of the driver who thumped your car in the back.

You have to be (legally) "reasonable" about it (world cruise to reduce the stress not usually included) and you can only put yourself back in the position you were in before the accident (so a newer / larger / faster car not on the agenda). Anyway link may help - as it says your policy might cover the legal expenses of seeking recovery of the uninsured losses.

And, fingers crossed, if no medical problems result - cars are only lumps of metal, after all. :-)

oliveoil Wed 18-May-05 10:07:08

Yes, agree on the lumps of metal slartibardfast (what sort of name is that?).

oliveoil Wed 18-May-05 11:02:12

Just spoken to dh and he says that we will not need to replace the car seats as they were not in use. If the girls had been in them (god forbid) then the straps would have been strained etc and as they were not, the seats will be ok to still use.

Anyone reckon this is right? Makes sense I suppose.....

oliveoil Wed 18-May-05 13:03:18


misdee Wed 18-May-05 15:40:42

i'd replace them. the straps may not be strained, but the bodywork of the seat may be weaker now.

Louise1980 Wed 18-May-05 15:48:49

Id replace them. When my dad was in a crash and his car written off he was asked if there were any in that would need replacing. You'd never forgive yourself if there was a fracture in the body and it made the seat weaker.

oliveoil Wed 18-May-05 15:49:30

Thanks sweetie, the insurance man is coming to inspect the car tomorrow so I have told dh to say we want replacements, whats the point of risking them not working?

Aaaaah, nearly hometime, thank god for that.


Louise1980 Wed 18-May-05 15:52:51

Look at it this way you might as well get them when its not you who has to pay for them!

oliveoil Wed 18-May-05 15:53:33

Yes, think I will ask for gold plated ones.

Louise1980 Wed 18-May-05 16:00:17

With silk covers! And diamond studs!

Once a woman reversed up my dads bonnet(front of car thingy?) He was beeping horn and flashing lights, it was middle of day and all she said was 'oops didnt see you!!!' Women drivers eh!

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