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help - wet mattress

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purlease Wed 08-Jul-09 19:51:33

Any suggestions on how to get a mattress dry before bedtime? DD pissed on it this morning and it is still wet (a topic of its own). Could sleep in spare room but 3 month old in cot beside us at the moment - no room for cot in spare room.

purlease Wed 08-Jul-09 20:39:17

found a solution - have moved spare mattress onto our bed. Now just need to work out why DD who has been potty trained for 2 years suddenly seems unable to go to the toilet. I don't think it's new baby as she chose to get rid of night time nappies a week after he arrived and has been pretty good.

grumpalumpa Thu 09-Jul-09 11:05:01

can sympathise x my DD who is 2, is mainly dry at night yet she is a lazy little minx and when she wakes up shes can't be bothered to go to the toilet - I put the potty in her room at night and that seems to work!!

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