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help me! i'm so annoyed!!!!

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FunkyFox Tue 17-May-05 23:59:40

need to rant!!!! live in a middle flat of 3 above a shop and the neighbours above me are playing loud music and jumping up and down shaking my whole small flat to maccarena (and i don't care if i spelt it right!) and other such cheezy tunes for the 2nd night running! last night it went on till 1.30! I'm a single mum, i'm tired!!!! don't want to start a neighbour war but am fuming at myself for not ringing their bell and telling them to 'shut up!' thing is theres about 7 members of my neighbours family up there i think and theres only 1 of little old me and i am a coward

sparklymieow Wed 18-May-05 00:06:30

know what u mean. see my can't take much more thread and you'll see what lovely neighbours i have... I am so fed up with neighbours, wish I lived on a island.....

FunkyFox Wed 18-May-05 00:08:41

wish i was brave! may have to go on a 'find your inner goddess' course or something! oh no, now they woke ds up! grrrr

sparklymieow Wed 18-May-05 00:11:39

FunkyFox Wed 18-May-05 00:28:39

just read yur threads! its so awful. I'm housing association but have little faith in them! to be honest with you thats why i do nothing because i'm afriaid of it all blowing up in my face but its just not fair, i am a considerate neighbour why can't they have the consideration to be the same! i just assume people like that are not going to be the most friendly and helpful to talk to because they clearly don't care for others. They set the fire alarm off the other night at 11pm and just left. It wouldn't shut down and kept re-going every 2 mins and my poor 12mth old son got so distressed! i had to call out and deal with the engineer. Its just not fair, was so grateful to get this flat because was in a hostel for 4mths

FunkyFox Wed 18-May-05 00:32:41

going to bed! at least i can have a read there and try to relax! will probably soon get so tired i will just fall asleep regardless of noise! night night sparkly, i'm so sorry for all your troubles, i hope things work out, i like to believe what goes around comes around in the end x.

Chandra Wed 18-May-05 00:43:35

That's terrible, but having seen Mieow's thread I wouldn't recommend complaining just in case you have apemen living above... HOw do the police dealt with these incidents? I have lived in two late night noisy countries as a student (Spain and MExico) and yes... sometimes the police knock at your door to let you know somebody has complained about the noise. There's no way you can know who did it as if one neighbour have complained surely the rest of them were also feeling the noise. So you just lower the music volume, lower your voice, etc. and understand that the neighbours are in all their right to have a quiet night. So considering how intimidated the people feel here my question is... what does the police say? do they go to tell the noisy that their neighbours in 16B have complained?

Amanda1 Wed 18-May-05 09:13:30

Message withdrawn

bibiboo Wed 18-May-05 09:39:10

Oh, I totally sympathise! The only time I have been brave enough to complain about noisy neighbours was when I was pregnant and felt perfectly justified in making a fuss about it as I needed my sleep.
Maybe you could just ask them to keep it down after say 9 becuase you've got a small child and the noise is very loud downstairs. You don't ahve to cause an argument, and they might surprise you and just say "yes, sorry"
Good luck x

moschops Wed 18-May-05 10:50:25

i would imagine they are breaking their tenancy agreement by making noise after 11pm.......but of course i fully understand that you don't want to complain in case it makes life harder for you.

my fella's a you want him to come round and play his drums in your flat for a few days that'll give them a taste of their own medicine.......

FunkyFox Wed 18-May-05 21:42:21

thanks for the sympathy, it really helps somehow! might take you up on the dumming if things don't improve!

slug Thu 19-May-05 16:22:41

Wake up at 6am. Point your speakers at the ceiling, put a (preferably screechy) opera CD on the stero. Wind the volume up to 11, set it to repeat, lock your door and go out for a few hours.

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