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How am I going to keep 2 kids under control at Doctors appt?

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tweetyfish Tue 17-May-05 19:04:52

I have to take DD (6months) to Docs tomorrow and DS (2.10) will have to come along as well.

Doc doesn't allow buggies in her consultation room and I am already worrying about how I will keep him quiet whilst talk to doc with DD.

How does everyone else do this feat??? Am I the only one who is not allowed to take a buggy? It would make life so much easier!

Frizbe Tue 17-May-05 19:09:09

Hmm never had to take two, but you can take buggies in at our practice......could you leave it in the corridor? or is the waiting room ok to leave it in? we have a good play area for the older ones again, so elder ones can play until doc is ready, then I guess they just have to be used to dealing with families en mass!

Pinotmum Tue 17-May-05 19:13:37

Had to do this a few times. They normally take every leaflet out of the wall racks and "read" them. The incentive is that the nurse usually has lollies so the older one has her eye on them and they are scared on the GP so go quiet. I prefer not to take them but sometimes it can't be avoided.

Pinotmum Tue 17-May-05 19:14:20

We are buggy banned as well.

tweetyfish Tue 17-May-05 19:14:55

Thanks Frizbe, the practise is really child unfriendly (if that;s a word) with only books from the 70's and a really sad looking doll!

The main problem I think will be in the actual consulatation room, as he will just wonder around, like kids do. However, I get definate bad vibes from her when he does what I consider totally normal kid stuff - For example last time he was there she told him off for bouncing (slightly) on her scales.

tiffini Tue 17-May-05 19:16:32

i had to take 3 kids to the docs with me on friday, 4yrs and twins of 18months.

Never again it was a living hell, am still livid with DS now when i think about it.

tweetyfish Tue 17-May-05 19:16:54

Unfortunatly, he is not scared of anyone!!!!

I just cannot understand why they would ban buggies as it does make life sooooo much more complicated! I guess maybe they worry about the carpets......

Tommy Tue 17-May-05 19:17:54

My GP has a whole box of (admittedly very old and a bit tatty) toys under her couch and my DSs always make straight for it. We are also allowed buggies I'm afraid although the double doesn't fit through the doors of the consulting rooms (even the HV's - duh!)

tweetyfish Tue 17-May-05 19:18:06

erm, thanks tiffini!!!!!!

That's what i'm afraid of, I think I might just tell DP he HAS to come home!!!!

tiffini Tue 17-May-05 19:23:28

sorry tweetyfish, not what you wanted to hear, but it was a nightmare, good idea to have your DP there.

tweetyfish Tue 17-May-05 19:26:36

I just feel like such a wuss for worrying about it. It sounds so simple, take kids to docs, how can it be a nightmare? Will really have to beg DP though as he is meant to go gym in his lunch hour.....

Guard Tue 17-May-05 19:43:01

Can you phone ahead and check the doc is actually running on time ? That way you might be able to avoid a really long wait. And you're not a wuss - it's a tough call. Anyone else like a mate you could drop one of them with for a short time ?

charellie Tue 17-May-05 19:44:09

I have twins and we are often at the doctors. I take white chocolate buttons (less messy than milk chocolate) crisps and biscuits. I always save some for when we are actually seeing the doctor.

Before we leave the house I try to make going to the doctor sound as exciting as possible.

Mine are now 2.6 years and it is definitely easier as they get older.

tweetyfish Tue 17-May-05 19:55:33

charellie - I did that once on an ante natal appt with raisins - he "sowed" them throughout the room

Guard - she is usually about 30mins late, so definatly good idea to call ahead!

charellie Tue 17-May-05 19:57:37

Have you thought about changing the doctor you see in future or changing surgeries completely.

SoftFroggie Tue 17-May-05 20:33:08

If they're anything like mine - you can't.
Could you just take the buggy anyway, and wait to see if anyone challenges you?
I find a stash of food / a new magazine / taking some little toys helps.
So does taking another person - does it have to be DP or can you beg your nextdoor neighbour / that old lady up the road / local teenage etc for help? take them into the consulting room with you if you don't want to leave you kid with them without you, but does help.

I'd agree - change you GP, and possibly change practice.

Lonelymum Tue 17-May-05 20:37:34

Whenever I go, I have to take at least one child with me, sometimes 2 or 3, but never all 4 thank goodness. I even took toddlers with me when I had a smear and sat them on the couch next to me! Every doctor's room I have ever been into has a basket/box of toys for a child to play with or, in the worst case scenario, the doctor handed over his/her stethoscope for the baby to play with!

Sometimes, I find the children don't behave as badly as I expect, as they are often overawed by the strange surroundings. OTOH, the youngest often goes into the cupboards!

Are you sure the nurse or receptionist couldn't keep an eye on your kids for a few minutes? or is that a shocking suggestion?

keziah Tue 17-May-05 20:47:51

I seem to end up with all four of mine at the surgery every time!! Even for midwife appointments. Luckily we are allowed buggies so my youngest at least is confined. It really depends on what your doctor and surgery are like, as i've never had any problems at ours. They muck around with the toys and all try and talk to the doctor. Its an interesting trip out for them I think!! Sounds like your doctors is very child unfriendly. Any chance of changing?
Oh and the food thing is a great idea. Or maybe a comic or pad and pens?
When I only had two and we went for jabs my eldest would get upset so the receptionist looked after him behind the counter,
You need a nicer surgery!!
Good Luck

tweetyfish Tue 17-May-05 21:03:51

Thanks everyone! Yes, I think we will have to change surgeries as this is not the only gripe we have with them. Thinking about it, I very rarely see other kids in there, now I know why!

Unfortunatly I know no-one is the area that could babysit, otherwise I would beg! I Haven been known to drive the 30min trip to my mums to drop either one off and then drive home as Docs is a 1 minute walk away!

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