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Accidental damage insurance, do you ever claim?

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MagNacarta Mon 06-Jul-09 23:03:02

I've just ruined our rather expensive coffee which is made of some sort of perspex, put my laptop on it and the heat from it had cracked the table. It's just occured to me that we've got accidental damage on our contents insurance, but have never claimed for anything. Do they really payout for this sort of thing, is it likely to put up my premiums?

I remember someone said to me a while ago that you should claim regularly.

Housemum Tue 07-Jul-09 00:12:07

Our premiums didn't change other than a nominal amount (inflationary I presume) and we have claimed - last year a friend spilt red wine on our cream carpet, it couldn't be cleaned so they replaced it. A few years back our camera fell out of the boot when we emptied the car after hols, again replaced no questions as the repair was more expensive than the camera. That;s what you pay your premiums for, accidents and (in my latter case) stupidity.

Bleatblurt Tue 07-Jul-09 00:17:36

Same as Housemum, our premiums didn't go up except for a small amount that you expect every year.

We claimed for our computer. I was heavily pg and thought I could carry it upstairs (we'd just moved in). How wrong I was!

It was the only time we've claimed and it was fine. I had imagined they'd send someone out to check but it was all done on the phone. And they gave us a HUGE amount to spend on a new computer. grin

UndertheBoredwalk Tue 07-Jul-09 00:29:44

Same as others have claimed on mine for drink on laptop incident blush premiums only went up the small amount you expect, and it was all done V quickly and easily over the phone.
Tbh I was a little surprised at how easy it was, I called and said I spilt a drink on laptop and now it won't turn on. They took make & model of laptop and a few days later I had a shopping card for pc world sent to me.
I could have made the whole thing up!

scaryteacher Tue 07-Jul-09 09:51:39

ds dropped something on a box of wineglasses when we were redecorating, and they paid out no trouble.

fortyplus Tue 07-Jul-09 09:54:26

If you've had the same company a while they will know it's a genuine claim. We've had accidental damage cover for more than 20 years and the only thing we've ever claimed for was a brand new outfit that got ruined at a wedding (don't ask!)
I sent the receipt and a letter from the cleaner saying stain wouldn't come out and they paid up no problem.

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