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sadmum3 Tue 17-May-05 11:42:48

Am married mum to 3 and since I got married things have gone downhill!! DH is very lazy and all I ever seem to do is work I even went back to work when dd was 2 weeks old!! Since September 04 have been busy chatting to DS's Head of Year and our whats have never been what you could call professional...just minor flirting. Anyway he called me into the school for a meeting cos ds has been a bit of a pain and that lasted 2 minutes the rest of the meeting carried on with the teacher telling me that he had to tell me to my face that he had handed in his resignation and will be leaving the school at the end of term. His mum is in remission of breast cancer and because he is not with anyone and has no ties ie kids he is going off to travel. Am really gutted as I always wished that we could take things further!! DS had the cheek to ask him for his private email address which he told ds that he was going to give it to me b4 he went. I wish I could annul marriage as since we got married we have only had sex twice!! Bit fed up and would love to know what to do. Teacher did ask another mum in my sons class if I was married and 'cos of the flirting I know he is interested but nothing else has happened. Any advice greatfully received.

pinkmama Tue 17-May-05 11:45:37

Hello sadmum3
How long you been married, and with dh before that?

mancmum Tue 17-May-05 11:52:01

I know we should say, put him out of your mind and concentrate on your marriage... but sometimes you just want to have a bit of madness.... are you prepared to break up family for the chance of something with him....

Tissy Tue 17-May-05 11:53:01


he's telling you face to face that he has no ties and he's off to travel round the world...unless he's expecting you to dump the kids and run off into the sunset with him, I suspect he's trying to put you off gently! Is it possible that he feels the flirting has got out of hand enough to warrant a personal explanation of why he's leaving?

Anyway, whatever the state of your marriage, you're stuck with it for now. Sort out your marriage/ lack of it before embarking on anything new.

sadmum3 Tue 17-May-05 16:18:05

Have been married for 14 months and we were together for 4 years before that. I dont think he is leaving cos of me cos he was living with a woman who had kids when ds first joined the school but she didnt want anymore kids and he wanted kids so that relationship was doomed a bit. He handed his job in cos of his mum's illness has taught him that life is short and you should experience as much as you can....that's what he told me. Also he has had a major fallout with head of school which has been making him feel miserable. No I dont think he is expecting me to join him but he thought I was happily married cos that is why he asked another mum if I was married or not. My attitude is for him to get his travel bug out of the way and if its meant to be then when he comes back and if he comes back then if my situation allows we could give it a go. He is going to keep in touch with ds while he is travelling cos ds really likes him.

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