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Doing anything exciting this Friday?

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Mothernature Tue 17-May-05 11:41:46

Its Whit friday after work I'll be taking of the mountain fire water
hopefully the weather will stay nice, nothing like a haunting tune and a beer...

Mothernature Wed 18-May-05 11:16:34

Nobody? oh well

beachyhead Wed 18-May-05 11:18:31

sounds like fun - I am going on a school trip with dd to a Roman villa!!!!

DillyDally Wed 18-May-05 11:19:55

I have the day off work and am booked on a fast train to Wales...I was happy about this until someone told me it is only the blumin cup final thingy ma jig and I may be surrounded by football fans <faints>
A toddler and some leery men clad in Polyester shirts way too tight for them...what have I let myself in for.

eidsvold Wed 18-May-05 11:46:37

I am off to dd's usual therapy and then have a friend and her dd coming for lunch/afternoon tea. On Monday we are off to the beach for a holiday for a week - looking forward to it.

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