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Have done a naughty thing-help required,please?

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dropinthe Tue 17-May-05 11:15:31

My dh recently got a congestion charge penalty notice really late,(about 2 weeks after he didn't pay the charge). I was really miffed about this as it had gone up from £50.00 to £100.00 which I felt was really unfair so I sent them a cheque for £50.00 and sent an accompanying letter to say we had been on holiday when the notice had been sent. They now want evidence of said holiday in form of receipts,tickets or a hotel booking confirmation.
Is any one willing to bend the law a little,take a stand against this injustice and provide me with an alibi??
This may be the shortest thread in history but I'm sure if anyone owns a B&B or hotel on here a little letter would suffice-I will willingly pay for any costs incurred plus a little extra???
Am really to ask this but just cant afford to pay £100.00!

fastasleep Tue 17-May-05 11:16:21

LOL! Good luck! You scoundrel you!

dropinthe Tue 17-May-05 11:24:22


flum Tue 17-May-05 11:25:28

ERmm say it was holiday in England/ Scotland with family.

angelp Tue 17-May-05 11:27:19

Exactly my thoughts. If you went to stay with friends or family then you would have no receipts or proof or anything. And with kids you often go to visit grandparents so I would just get a friend to write a letter saying you were there

dropinthe Tue 17-May-05 11:51:13


dropinthe Tue 17-May-05 16:25:25


eemie Tue 17-May-05 17:26:59

Er..why not pay the full amount? Can't see why it's an injustice if he didn't pay the charge. They make it easy enough to find out the rules and to pay.

happymerryberries Tue 17-May-05 17:53:43

Don't see that it is an injustice. PITA, yes, but not injustice. I was hacked off when I was 'flashed' by a speed camera, but I was caught so I coughed up. It's a pain but I was at fault.

SoupDragon Tue 17-May-05 18:01:04

Why did you not tell the truth about when the notification arrived?

happymerryberries Tue 17-May-05 18:03:31

Was that to me SD? If so, yes. But dh also delighted in making the polis send the picture so that he could prove that it was me and not him that was daft enough to be zapped.

He then ribbed me without mercy and well as watching me write the cheque.

Blu Tue 17-May-05 18:09:05

dropinthe - do you mean that the first you heard of it was when they sent the inflated £100 notice - or they sent the £50 one late and then you didn't pay it on time?

Don't say you were away on hol if your DH took the car into the CC zone (and paid) during the time you say you were away - they will be able to check from the 'paid' records.

batters Tue 17-May-05 18:25:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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