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"Call orf the dogs"

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handlemecarefully Tue 17-May-05 10:31:01

I'm starting a one woman campaign - but you are welcome to join me if you want.

I am getting jaded with a mumsnet tendancy for piling in rugby scrum styleee onto posters who put their foot in their mouth and say something impolitic or inflammatory. Note: I AM NOT REFERRING TO A PARTICULAR THREAD, this has and is happening on lots of threads.

Let's face it we all suffer from foot in mouth disease at some point and say something blunt, abrasive or potentially irritating. Sometimes this is done intentionally, sometimes unwittingly.

Of course in all cases we are entitled to retaliate and pick someone up on something that has bridled us - but in my observations a poor unfortunate says something daft and not just one or two but a whole pack of wronged mumsnetters wade in and flex their muscles - calling the person to order, often with each post getting more and more personal / vitriolic.

Then the miscreant, feeling like a cornered rat, comes out fighting and it degenerates even further.

Life is too short.

Can't we just leave it with one or two posters (whoever gets their first)tackling the offender - politely if possible, and then knock it on the head.

In future, any thread that I happen to be on where I notice 'hunting like a pack' going on, I will be interrupting with an infuriating little diversion of my own.

I shall start repeatedly posting "Call orf the dogs" (so NOT implying that any mumnetters are dogs before knickers get into twists over that one), until everyone gets so thoroughly fed up of it they round on me and forget the original argument!

Should anyone else wish to join me in 'calling orf the dogs' when the occasion demands it - please feel free.

Moderators - I'm not after your job. You're doing sterling service!

PuffTheMagicDragon Tue 17-May-05 11:02:03

hmc, I thought this was a post about Princess Anne's dogs attacking children again !

handlemecarefully Tue 17-May-05 11:03:58

Tee hee hee

Sorry that the reality was much more mundane!

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