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Kindness of strangers...thankyou if you are a fellow mumsnetter.

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breeze Tue 06-May-03 16:36:27

On the off chance that the lady who helped me today is a fellow mumsnetter I would like to thank her.

I was out with DS took him to see the ducks, half way round he had a coughing fit and was a tiny bit sick, so took him to the public toilet to clear him up a bit. (big mistake) lets just say someone had missed the toilet and decided to wipe it on the walls instead (yuk yuk) cue ds to then reach badly, I took him outside where he proceeded to throw up all over me and himself.

I went out with nothing but my key and £1 to get him a drink. This women with her pram came rushing up to me and helped me clear us both up while I must have used at least 20 wipes, before I had chance to say thanks she was gone. I was very touched by her kindness .

Ds is 3.5 and I stopped taking wipes out with me years ago, guess I will always take a bag and wipes with me. i could have learn't the hard way.

Mum2Toby Tue 06-May-03 16:43:23

Oh breeze - is he ok now?

whymummy Tue 06-May-03 16:44:26

it was me,you owe me £1.50

breeze Tue 06-May-03 16:46:41

Yes he is fine now, he always reaches at those smells, even when he is on the toilet.

Whymummy, tell me what brand of wipes they were and the cheques in the post.

whymummy Tue 06-May-03 16:52:53

they were harrods ones

breeze Tue 06-May-03 16:55:56

I am getting that smell again wafting under my nose whymummy. you lie

Mum2Toby Tue 06-May-03 16:57:39

Whymummy - I think you'd better up the bill from £1.50!! Harrods wipes would be at least a pound each.

whymummy Tue 06-May-03 16:59:16

i am not,they were harrods i swear,have them delivered specially for me,i jumped in my limousine that`s why you didn`t see me go

whymummy Tue 06-May-03 17:01:48

ooooh,are they mum2toby?? i shall check my platinium card

Mum2Toby Tue 06-May-03 17:03:30

No need whymummy - I've got the receipt in front of me.....

Yup.... they are 99.6p each.

breeze Tue 06-May-03 17:03:58

It was you then, I will ask tech for you address and forward the £1.50. Why though you would actually want it if you are rich as you say you are.

whymummy Tue 06-May-03 17:05:04

one is never rich enough

Mum2Toby Tue 06-May-03 17:05:33

Breeze - I think you'll find that the bill may be modified slightly to incorporate the brand name.

20 x 99.6p = £19.92p

breeze Tue 06-May-03 17:06:05

well actually I have the wipes in my bag, I can return them to you, rold rim still intact.

whymummy Tue 06-May-03 17:07:34

mmmmmmmmm wipes with le eau de vomit,supeeeeeeeerb

breeze Tue 06-May-03 17:09:17

I will wash them first of course, because if they are harrods they wont fall apart.

whymummy Tue 06-May-03 17:14:38

well,since we`re moving all the time(well you do ,don`t you when you own 6 houses in 6 different countries)i suppose you could keep them

breeze Tue 06-May-03 17:15:05


whymummy Tue 06-May-03 17:21:59

honestly though,i`m glad there`s still nice people to help out in moments like that,some will just run a mile in case it`s infeccious but i wouldn`t,i`m always the one picking little old ladies from the floor and phoning ambulances when i see someone in a bad way,mother theresa here

SamboM Tue 06-May-03 17:23:25

Were they Johnson's baby wipes? The pink ones?

breeze Tue 06-May-03 17:23:52

yes actually they were.

breeze Tue 06-May-03 17:25:03

whymummy totally agree, you could see some people looking at us like me had the plague or something. On another note, when kids are being sick why do they lunge at you. ahhh

SamboM Tue 06-May-03 17:27:17

Aha, I claim the cost of the wipes then (lucky guess huh?)

whymummy Tue 06-May-03 17:28:21

is it some kind of vengance?you gave me that horrible soup mummy,here,have it back,still nice and warm!!!

breeze Tue 06-May-03 17:32:54


unless someone tells me where it was we were, then any claims for wipe money can go out the window.

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