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Frog calling Mars...................

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wheresmyfroggy Mon 16-May-05 19:56:17

What's up with MSN then?

lockets Mon 16-May-05 23:08:05

Message withdrawn

JoolsToo Mon 16-May-05 23:09:27

serves you right - traitor! - on your birthday too [sniff]

MarsLady Mon 16-May-05 23:10:07

hey frogspawn, I was out.

JoolsToo Mon 16-May-05 23:11:04

how was 50's night? what did you wear?

MarsLady Mon 16-May-05 23:12:36

when I try to log in it tells me that I can't due to connectivity or something. Then when I press help it says that I need upgrades, but I can't see how to get them. I was so about to be addicted and it was gonna be good chatting without that jools woman getting in the way.............

wheresmyfroggy Mon 16-May-05 23:13:13

Hey jools we are all still here aren't we?

p.s Thanks for my B'Day thread

You been out partying Mars

bubble99 Mon 16-May-05 23:13:30

Hey ML. Re: Last night's post. You said that you'd missed the point and so had I. Not a notion have I about what I may/may not have been winding you up with. How sad am I to have tracked you down to explain this?

JoolsToo Mon 16-May-05 23:13:39


see what happens when you try to desert?!

JoolsToo Mon 16-May-05 23:14:25

ah bubble now I'm intrigued!

JoolsToo Mon 16-May-05 23:15:17

froggy - if you keep hopping from lilypad to lilypad you're apt to fall in

have you had a suitably spiffing burfday then?

bubble99 Mon 16-May-05 23:15:18

You and me both jools.

MarsLady Mon 16-May-05 23:16:29

I looked like the bad girl at Thunder Road in Grease. Because no one would swap a flat tummy I decided it was better to do skirt and top. So I went as a girl from Grease

wheresmyfroggy Mon 16-May-05 23:17:19

Yes jools, had a nice day and now finishing it off with a nice(ish) bottle of wine

MarsLady Mon 16-May-05 23:19:13

Message withdrawn

wheresmyfroggy Mon 16-May-05 23:19:33

anyway mars, so what does it say when you try to log in?

JoolsToo Mon 16-May-05 23:20:37

still trying to escape froggy - and you haven't even offered me a glass of vino [tut]

MarsLady Mon 16-May-05 23:20:48

give me a sec and I'll try again and tell you

MarsLady Mon 16-May-05 23:22:28

well today it says that my password or name doesn't exist.

SaintGeorge Mon 16-May-05 23:26:46

Mars - have you tried logging into ordinary windows messenger rather than MSN7? Sounds like the same problem I was having.

JoolsToo Mon 16-May-05 23:26:57

I put a spell on it

wheresmyfroggy Mon 16-May-05 23:27:12

ooooh, don't think i can help with that one, you might need to sign up a new account

Jools-why dont you join up, come on you know it makes sense

SaintGeorge Mon 16-May-05 23:28:00

Spells are my department Jools <<witchy hat emoticon>>

MarsLady Mon 16-May-05 23:30:01

second word off joolstoo lol

I don't want a new name, again!

Can get into the bit where the hotmail account is but can't remember which bit to do to get messenger. And I do like MSN

come on jools or we'll talk bad things about you.

SaintGeorge Mon 16-May-05 23:32:55

Have you not got an icon on your desktop or toolbar that you can just click to go straight to the messenger sign-on screen?

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