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still having trouble with computer, HELP!!!!!!

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kid Mon 16-May-05 19:39:10

After getting an anti virus installed, my computer is still switching itself off.
The fan sounds like it is working, there is a slight breeze fron behind the computer where the fan is.

Yesterday the computer was on for about 5 hours with no problems, it was on for nearly an hour tonight and it switched off.

I do keep getting a message at bottom right hand corner (by clock) saying 'Local Network Cable, network cable unplugged' I unplugged everything and plugged it all back in again (after I had untangled the wires!) Also keep getting a message to install a later version of msn (currently have msn7)

Anyone have any suggestions? (Hub2dee are you there?)

kid Mon 16-May-05 19:39:57

could it be a faulty modem? Although I don't see why that would switch the comp off. We only seem to have most trouble when online.

SaintGeorge Mon 16-May-05 19:42:07

Out of interest have you tried using a different electrical socket? Just wondering if there is a wiring fault either at the socket or in the mains cable leading to your PC. I had this once and it took ages to figure out that there was a tiny break in the extension cable which was causing power outs.

kid Mon 16-May-05 19:50:13

I haven't tried another socket, but the lamp and phone are running off the same socket and they are fine. Its on one of those power surge protector extensions (they probably have a technical name!)

SaintGeorge Mon 16-May-05 19:55:38

Yeah, the technical name is surge protector . Mine was one of those too but unfortunately the damaged wiring caused a dip not a surge so the protection doesn't help. It only takes a momentary loss of power for your PC to cut out but if the light isn't flickering then that probably rules it out anyway.

SaintGeorge Mon 16-May-05 20:04:46

This might be useful. Scroll down in particular to the post on: Feb 27, 2005 4:41 PM by Jeff Ross

kid Mon 16-May-05 20:20:07

GRRR, I was just looking at that link and it switched off
the comp shop charged me £35 last week and its still happening.

kid Mon 16-May-05 22:38:32

Just spent 41 minutes on the phone to ISP, they spoke me through loads of different steps (I tried blaming the modem ) anyway, changed over the ethernet cable to usb and so far, all seems fine. But will see how it goes.

My cordless mouse died on me too. Changes the batteries but still no use!

Its so annoying when the computer just goes to standby but fingers crossed its sorted now.
Thanks for your help SaintGeorge

kid Wed 25-May-05 09:45:24

The computer died again and had to go back to a different shop. I have paid another £70 and so far it seems ok. I've been warned by them that if it goes again, then its the motherboard. So far its been fine though so keeping my fingers crossed x

rummum Wed 25-May-05 23:07:08

do you mean the whole computer just turned its self off as we had exactly the same problem with ours, apparently it was the fan at the back, it got so clogged up with dust that although it still went round, it didn't go round fast enough to cool the computer.. so it over heated and turned itself off.. mind you if you've taken it to a shop recently, you'd have thought they would have looked at this first....
Good luck

hub2dee Wed 25-May-05 23:43:27

Hi kid, sorry I did not see your original post...

... wasn't ignoring.

I presume the £70 bought you a new power supply ?

Did the shop put the computer on a soak test ? (I'd ask them to)... they repeatedly run a series of tests on the various hardware bits, checking everything is OK with the memory etc.... basically stress testing the machine. You could probably find one online.

One thing you could also try is finding / installing a 'system monitor' type prog. It will report to you voltages on the moterhboard, processor temp, fan speed etc. and you may notice something doesn't look right.

Sorry, it's so hard when the box isn't in front of you and the problem is intermittent...

kid Thu 26-May-05 20:45:36

The computer went wrong again so it was due to go back to have the mother board changed for £65. I decided to phone around and was told it is most likely the power supply which has now been done (another £40) THe first £70 was labour and anti-virus and hard drive and memory check.

Lets just wait and see how it goes this time!

hub2dee Thu 26-May-05 21:33:55

OK. Good luck.


You can buy a three year parts and labour warranty on any new Apple.

(though am aware that insurance is, in essence, a rip off).

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