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Neighbours can' come on holiday with us as passport not back. Whatcan we do?

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Mum2Ela Mon 16-May-05 18:35:41

Our neighbours were meant to be coming on holiday with us end of this week but had to cancel their flights for personal reasons, but can now come.

Only thing is now their DS's passport is not back and the passport office said today that there is no way it will be back by friday. We are in Newport and the passport (a first passport) is atm in Liverpool having validation checks.

Oh wise mumsnetters, what can we do?

My neighbour is gutted. The reason they cancelled their flights was becuse the mum had cabcer a few years ago and it has now returned. She was booked in to have a hysterectonmy on May 10th (shes only 30 ) and so had to cancel holiday, sort out kids for next 5+ weeks, stopped breastfeeding her ds, resign herself to not having anymore children etc. When she went to hosp to have procedure they decided to instead carry out a biopsy and she was home the same day, livid, obviously.

Sorry, probably tmi, but I really want them to come away with us, I think they all need the break

Mum2Ela Mon 16-May-05 18:36:06

That should be CAN'T!!

indamb Mon 16-May-05 18:40:31

why will it take so long? have they said a reason?

Liverpool is usually very good, my passport was delayed, (i forgot to put payment in. middle of august).

they sorted it out within few days.

has she rang and explained, due to travel so soon.

hope it all works out

Mum2Ela Mon 16-May-05 18:42:44

They said there is no chance it being back by friday as its a first and not a renewal passport. Her DH rang them today.

Personally I think they are being arsey and that they can do anything they want so long as they want to do it.

I sent for DS's passport around xmas time last year(a first passport) and it came back in about 3 days.

She sent this one off a week ago today.

coppertop Mon 16-May-05 18:42:58

If they contact the passport office in person, arrange an appointment and turn up they should be able to get their passport on the same day. It will cost extra though. Can they get to Liverpool?

Mum2Ela Mon 16-May-05 18:47:57

Coppertop that service isn't available for first passports.

darlingbud Mon 16-May-05 18:55:31

I applied for new passport for dd an dit was here in a week. Can't understand what delay is. have they said?

Anyone on here work or know someone who works at passport office?

coppertop Mon 16-May-05 18:55:40

Could they arrange to collect it in person at Liverpool? I don't know if that's possible at all. Have they been told when it will be ready? If so could they fly out a couple of days later and join you then?

Mum2Ela Mon 16-May-05 19:02:54

Coppertop I think what happens is they sent it to our localpassport office (Newport) and they have sent it to Liverpool for checking, and when it is checked it will be sent back to Newport for processing.

I still think the passport office could do it if they wanted to. Perhaps they shopuld ring again tomorrow, or ring Liverpool directly, see where it is in their system, get it rushed through.

What sort of checks do they need to do on a baby? Especially as their birth cert is already with them.

coppertop Mon 16-May-05 19:10:58

I really think they need to phone the helpline again and explain their situation. This time of year isn't even the peak time for applications. I sent off for my renewal in late March and it came back a week later, even though it had a change of details in the application (my old passport was still in my previous surname and I'd moved house since the first application).

Trifle Mon 16-May-05 19:17:11

Arent there other factors they need to consider? Have they checked that there are still flight seats available, having cancelled their previous ones and if so are they at a reasonable cost. If not, the price might be prohibitive to go regardless. Have they been in touch with their insurance company. Insurance wont pay out for non travel due to not having a passport on time so not worth mentioning it to them but might they pay out over having to cancel the holiday for an emergency operation (did she mention this to the insurance company at the time of booking because if not they might see it as a get-out-clause). If they do get the passport but not before you are due to travel, could they join you a few days later? Dont know the full story of where and for how long you are going but thought there were other elements that needed looking into.

Mum2Ela Mon 16-May-05 19:29:55

Trifle yes there are seats, on other flights from diff airports. They already have cancelled the other flights and baan paid by travel insurers due to operation malarky.
We are travelling thurs and they were hoping to join us sat / sun / mon at the latest, for a week.

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