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What do you get from mumsnet?

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breeze Tue 06-May-03 13:10:02

Just wondered what people got from mumsnet.

Mumsnet has been a big source of comfort while I came through my final stages of PND and also when I thought I was a bad mother, turned out that what I was doing/did was normal.

I have made some good friends here as well, and when I am feeling down there is always someone here to cheer you up and make you laugh.

I tend to look here before I have even looked at my emails.

crystaltips Tue 06-May-03 13:11:26

Reassurance and advice

Mum2Toby Tue 06-May-03 13:12:25

Breeze that pretty much sums it up for me too.

grommit Tue 06-May-03 13:16:27

Mumsnet is just great for help, advice and just someone to listen, no matter how trivial the problem is. Great for those of us who have no family close by and work full-time so no chance to join baby or toddler groups. Also just to have a laugh!

Bobsmum Tue 06-May-03 13:18:21

A good laugh, good advice & reassurance that you're not the only one. However, currently a major distraction from doing useful things like washing, ironing blah blah blah.

breeze Tue 06-May-03 13:18:27

AHHH better response then the weather one.

breeze Tue 06-May-03 13:21:12

Bobsmum, what's washing and ironing, DH commented recently that since we got he pc the house has not been as tidy, truth is since I found mumsnet the house has been a lot messier.

whymummy Tue 06-May-03 13:23:56

it`s helped my marriage,now instead of taking my frustrations on poor dh i go to the "appeal"AAAH,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,AHA,AHA,HAAAA
i find mumsnet incredibly helpful,i love it and no one is going to make me quit!!!

LadyP Tue 06-May-03 14:15:20

A laugh, advice and a good debate every so often!

susanmt Tue 06-May-03 14:21:42

Great help, advice and support for all manner of things. Saved me £100's when booking my holiday due to good advice! A virtual hug when I have been down, a place to vent about many things (esp PND and my kidney stones) and a feeling I'm not alone!
I live in a remote rural area with limited contact with other mums, and it has sometimes been a real sanity saver. Thanks guys.

Lindy Tue 06-May-03 15:13:29

A different perspective on many subjects - I particularly enjoy the contraversial threads, its so interesting to read so many different points of view.

Loads of good advice and helpful ideas and suggestions.

Thanks mumsnet, it's great!

mammya Tue 06-May-03 16:03:42

Lots of good advice, tips and laughs. Also enjoy reading the controversial threads, I agree with you Lindy, they're always interesting, although I don't post on them (chicken!)

I love mumsnet, totally addicted

Nutjob Tue 06-May-03 16:08:31

Good advice, loads of fun, interesting discussions to get involved in, a pleasant distration when life gets a bit much!!!

Mum2Toby Tue 06-May-03 16:24:15

I'm going to knock a fair amount off the price of my wedding after all the fantastic advice and tips I've received! Thanks everyone.

That's something that I'll NEVER forget.

SamboM Tue 06-May-03 16:48:25

I work from home quite a lot and it's like still having mates in the office to chat to (except you don't all come in and interrupt me when I'm really busy!)

I find it really useful and reassuring for medical type questions. Love all the funny threads too.

Caterina Tue 06-May-03 17:47:36

As I am expecting my first child and none of my friends have started yet having children, I did feel a bit isolated.
However mumsnet has given me the feeling I am not alone and that above all I am normal.
I can now cry nonstop at ads and articles and feel reassured it's the hormones and I am not going mad...
my dh gets to read some of the threads too so he knows I am OK ;-)

mmm Tue 06-May-03 19:35:40

I've never done this before - i mean been on a chatroom ( is that what this is? ) But I've been doing it for about a month after reading about it in the Guardian or the Observer and it's super and totally addictive and I love being able to have the possibility of so many women's input into whatever.I've always adored women's groups and company and it's like you're all at home or something!

Furball Tue 06-May-03 21:57:38

Agree to everything said, What a lifesaver! - Problem, what problem, someone here knows the answer. Also the funny threads are a great source of amusement. How embarrassing/sad? though, my main sentences these days consist of 'Someone on the internet......Blah, blah, blah' and I feel people look at me as if to say, poor things' got no 'real' friends, The jokes on them as they REALLY DON'T know what they are missing. Keep up the good work girlies.

willow2 Tue 06-May-03 22:24:19


ks Tue 06-May-03 22:35:05

Message withdrawn

willow2 Tue 06-May-03 22:35:57

My favourite bit is "no really, I could have you killed".

Glad to bring a bit of light in to your life my dear.

steppemum Wed 07-May-03 07:11:58

I live miles away from family, and don't know any other new mums, so I get information, advice, support, but i love the irrelevant threads the best, they make me laugh.

mmm Wed 07-May-03 07:21:54

steppemum, I'm just reading Margaret Forster's book called "Good Wives" , biographies of the wives of David Livingstone, Robert L. Stevenson and Aneurin Bevin. You're just like them you exciting woman ! I hope Amazon delivers to your yurt. xx

eidsvold Wed 07-May-03 07:28:56

good advice/ideas... a laugh since my family and good friends are overseas

a place to have a moan, a place to share information and ideas
different perspectives on topics

Ghosty Wed 07-May-03 07:38:57

I like all the chats, the banter, and like to read the contraversial threads although I avoid posting ... too scared ... and tend to sit on the fence for a lot of things ...
Being so far away from the UK I get to hear things first ... IE. Sophie Wessex' pregnancy ... Zoe Ball's marriage split ... Rachel in Cold Feet dying (we have only just had the second episode of that series ... )
And of course I get to keep up with what is going on in Eastenders!!!
Oh ... and I feel I have made some good friends out there in cyberspace ....

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