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funny name

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almostanangel Mon 16-May-05 13:57:22

bloke on radio just now ....dick staines honest

sparklymieow Mon 16-May-05 14:02:14


ruthiemum Mon 16-May-05 14:02:23

That's got to be a joke - that it a really unfortunate name!

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 16-May-05 14:02:33


almostanangel Mon 16-May-05 14:04:00

no really he was on bbc essex as a guest ...poor man

ruthiemum Mon 16-May-05 14:05:10

Did anybody snigger on the radio, I just couldn't introduce anybody with that name and not laugh!

almostanangel Mon 16-May-05 14:06:19

this is bbc we are talking about! they had an optican the other day he kept saying FLOATERS!! its something in the eye apprently!

ruthiemum Mon 16-May-05 14:08:16

I need to listen to that radio station - it sounds like a good laugh!

swiperfox Mon 16-May-05 14:08:37


Gwenick Mon 16-May-05 14:09:38

don't know if it's the same man - but Dick staines has been visiting schools too

almostanangel Mon 16-May-05 14:11:50

see told you!!! id be bugger*d if i would go into schools with the name dick staines pmsl oi swiper !! halo!

swiperfox Mon 16-May-05 14:14:08

Hello you Hows it going?? I'm busy packing - done a load of boxes and there's still c**p everywhere!! Did you hear from the job?

almostanangel Mon 16-May-05 14:15:49

no not yet maybe they didnt get my humor!! lol well have you heard!!mouse house

swiperfox Mon 16-May-05 14:18:28

lol you never know!!

Can't get hold of dp so dont know if he's heard anymore - I'm packing anyway!! At least if for any strange reason we didnt get it now the house looks nice and tidy for once!!!

almostanangel Mon 16-May-05 14:19:00


almostanangel Mon 16-May-05 15:48:17

argh they just played a song and said " that was mozarts first movement !!!! " lol was it blue

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