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Has anyone used ?????

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mosschops30 Wed 01-Jul-09 12:24:12

Have just found them whilst searching for Decleor products.
I can get them about £15 cheaper per item than anywhere else (including my regular spa place).

Any experience? What are my rights if I buy with credit card?

smugmumofboys Wed 01-Jul-09 12:26:44

I haven't used them but frequently use They are cheaper than the high street, free p&p and have a good range of products.

dilemma456 Wed 01-Jul-09 14:31:00

Message withdrawn

Polgara2 Wed 01-Jul-09 14:55:33

Yes have used them several times - no problems at all, fast delivery, so yes would recommend them smile.

mosschops30 Wed 01-Jul-09 15:30:07

great thanks, am going to order now. No point in paying another £20 to order from local supplier

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