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This is a long waffly thread containing DS3's new foot issues and my Dr(affectionatly known as Dr Evil) oh and a FAB health visitor (not mine) AKA MoMs trip to the clinic!

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MerlinsBeard Tue 30-Jun-09 20:39:53

So, took DS3 to the clinic for his booster of ... erm ... prevenar or something. At our clinic they see a Dr first who checks their temp and gets the forms signed and makes sure they are ok for their jabs, then you go into another room where a nurse does the jabs. Well that's what happens normally.
Today we were called into the jab room and the nurse practitioner was there doing ALL the checks and jabs. Lovely lady asking about DS2 and how i was coping with him and how he was coping with nursery (loooong story), anyway, in walks my normal Dr (who i call Dr Evil as he is actually evil to me) and says i look haggard today, do i need to move my appt forward for meds review, have i eaten today because i look like i am about to keel over angry it sounds caring but this is in front of someone who has NO idea of my medical historyangryand he was saying it in an "I told you i would admit you to hosp if things didn't improve" kind of way.

Went to weigh DS3 (gives me something to do while we wait the obligatory 20 mins) who by now is screaming the pace down, not because of his jab but because of the plasterhmm,weigh him and he hasn't put on enough so get moaned at for that and then mention to HV that he turns his feet in walking and she managed to peel him off me to check. Turns out he has what they call flat banana feet and has referred him to Orthoptics (is that right?)

While i was waiting for her however, there was a FTM asking how to stop bf now her baby was 6 months. HV was FAB with her giving her very balanced advice about how she can carry on bf and start to wean her (onto food) or telling her what bottle feeding onvolved and answering all the mums questions about vitamins, weaning (even mentioned BLWshock) night feeds.

I want HER to be my HV!!

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