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Charity Shops.

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mummyhill Mon 29-Jun-09 16:42:38

Ok so if a charity shop is selling ex catalogue stuff and puts an rrp on the ticket does it have to be the rrp of the garment originally?

I only ask because one of our local charity shops had some lovely baby stuff in and was trying to tell my friend that it was a designer label. I was certain it was just a catalogue label and told them so. The RRP on the ticket was £24 for a sleep suit and the same again on a vest and bib. They were knocking them out for £3.60 each.

When I got home I googled the label and they are littlewoods own brand. Even worse they are part of a 15 piece set which would cost £22 for the whole set.

Whilst I have no objection to charity shops or buying from them I thought that the whole idea was that you were getting a bargain! Whereas this seemed like a bit of a rip off iyswim.

charis Mon 29-Jun-09 16:55:57

I thought the whole idea was that you are giving to charity. But you are right they shouldn't be lying to you. Perhaps one of the staff was just being a bit overzealous in the marketing, they are volunteers you know.

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