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Help - dd1 just caught us having sex!

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bonym Sun 15-May-05 08:14:40

She is 7 - we were in the middle of the "deed" when I looked up and saw her standing in the doorway. We didn't have any covers over us plus I had been wearing "bedroom"shoes . We obviously stopped straight away and I told her to come in to bed for a cuddle as she didn't look very happy. She is now downstairs with dh getting breakfast. Do we say anything to her by way of explanation or just ignore it. Help please!!

Twiglett Sun 15-May-05 08:16:14



how helpful am I?

bonym Sun 15-May-05 08:18:21

Thanks Twiglett - ha ha! Oh god, someone else must have been in this situation!

peckarollover Sun 15-May-05 08:19:44

Oh god, my worst nightmare

What are bedroom shoes?

anchovies Sun 15-May-05 08:21:08

To be honest I think you will have to talk about it. Perhaps don't go into detail but I remember seeing my mum and dad when I was too young to understand and thinking it was something violent. Maybe just explain it along the lines as something loving that grown-ups do?

What a traumatic start to your day (when it could have been such a nice start to the day )!!

anchovies Sun 15-May-05 08:21:46

Glad you asked that peckarollover!!

Mud Sun 15-May-05 08:21:52

what are bedroom shoes ?

almostanangel Sun 15-May-05 08:23:47

i was going to give a long boring what to tell her speach! but i wanna know what bedroom shoes are

almostanangel Sun 15-May-05 08:27:25

well, depends on "how much " she saw but you could just say you were having mummyanddaddy cuddles/practising your dancing/getting away from a spider that was on your side of the bed..which ever she will be ok whatever and get on with doing whatever she was doing dont help though do i!

Ameriscot2005 Sun 15-May-05 08:28:07

I would imagine that they are strappy stilettoes rather than fluffy pink slippers

almostanangel Sun 15-May-05 08:28:51

would have been worse if she was wearing bedroom "bracelets" then

bonym Sun 15-May-05 08:30:23

Well - if you really want to know (of course you do ) - they are fluffy and pink but have VERY high heels

almostanangel Sun 15-May-05 08:30:46

almostanangel Sun 15-May-05 08:31:53

then ...well dd we were getting dressed and i thought i would try my new shoes on and they are so silly i fell and landed on daddy!!..what did yousay to her at the time?

bonym Sun 15-May-05 08:32:11

She is downstairs now watching telly - dh says she seems fine. I had already said we were just having a cuddle. I don't want her to be traumatised though. Dh reckons she won't analyse it that much and it might just make a big issue of it if we say anything.

cupcakes Sun 15-May-05 08:32:29

some friends had to refer to it as "daddy was giving mummy a special hug" when it happened to them!

To be honest I wouldn't use this as an opportunity to explain the birds and the bees unless she asks you about it or seems worried/ upset.

almostanangel Sun 15-May-05 08:33:59

be funny when she goes to school on monday thought "miss guess what i saw"

cupcakes Sun 15-May-05 08:35:02

sorry - almost got this confused with the 'to withdraw or not to withdraw' thread!

almostanangel Sun 15-May-05 08:35:26

oh gosh no ..when my dds were younger and asked where babies came from i said mummys and daddys have special cuddles ,,,,but if you say that she will say so does that mean im going to get a bro/sis

bonym Sun 15-May-05 08:35:37

aaa - good suggestion except dh fell on me! Do I say he was trying the shoes on?

almostanangel Sun 15-May-05 08:35:58

cupcakes i thought that was a "hhmm" thread too!

bonym Sun 15-May-05 08:36:19

Hmm - dd2 is only 8 weeks so NO to the bro or sis

almostanangel Sun 15-May-05 08:36:38

no as you fell you tripped him and he fell with you ..lucky that!

cupcakes Sun 15-May-05 08:39:32

8 weeks and you've got your bedroom shoes on!
Well done!

Mud Sun 15-May-05 08:43:00

8 weeks

.. weel some people never learn

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