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christening gift ideas

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triplets Sun 04-May-03 21:42:08

I am going to my nieces christening in Durham on the 25th May, she is going to be brought up in the catholic faith, any ideas for a really unusual gift? I don`t want to but her the usual things, my trio got money boxes galore! Thanks!

Ghosty Sun 04-May-03 21:54:33

Hello triplets ... haven't seen or rather, read you for a while ... how are you?

I got my nieces little toothboxes ... those silver fairy ones ... can't remember the make but you can buy them in nice gift shops. I think they are about 25 pounds ......
I thought it was nice ....

I know someone who had a star named after her god daughter ... a cool idea - she got a certificate and everything ... but I do think it is a bit strange that you have to pay someone to name a star ... I mean, it is not as if someone owns the star is it??

A nicely illustrated Children's bible is quite a nice idea too ...

HTH a bit ...

Bozza Sun 04-May-03 22:03:47

My parents bought DS a wooden train with each character bearing a letter of his name. They got it from a shop in France though. Some of the catalogues and some craft shops do wooden puzzles or stools of the name if you want to go down the name theme.

I'm with you on the money boxes though - DS has got four, three of which could do with a bit of silver polish on them.

I quite often give a cheque though - made out in the child's name. That way it doesn't end up in the parent's pocket my mistake and the child gets a savings account.

Quite like Ghosty's star idea.

whymummy Sun 04-May-03 22:10:42

i`ve seen in babies magazines that there`s a company that do the baby`s first shoes in silver,i will look for it!

SofiaAmes Sun 04-May-03 23:22:58

An italian friend gave me a set of silverplated knife, fork and spoon for ds when he was born. I think it's traditional there, I don't know about in england. It actually turned out to be one of the most useful presents he got. Once he was too old for the padded spoons, but not quite ready for a full size fork, it was great to have a small childsized fork that fit with the rest of our table setting. And the day he demanded a knife (like daddy's), I had a lovely silver childsize knife for him!

poppyloppy Sun 04-May-03 23:42:56

My dds god mother bought dd a 'grown up' gold bracelet which she cant use now, but is in the box for when she is much older. (And i am being really good and not wearing it myself, but I want to!. I thought it was a lovely idea becuase they get so many things that just get put away never to be used.

tilba Mon 05-May-03 01:07:47

My dds were given a painting each which was very special and although they are "non nursery" they look great in their room. Another Godparent gave a set of original book illustrations by Bob Graham , a terrific Australian childrens author.I had them framed and they are much loved. Also a napkin ring but Anna's was very modern and designed by a very groovy silversmith. I gave my gd an antique knife fork and spoon set in a leather box. It was very reasonable and I had many to choose from. Even had her engraved initial on!

verona Mon 05-May-03 14:40:18

We had 3 trees planted in a wood for our nephew's christening. It cost £25 through Woodland Trust. You have a choice of about 20 woods and they send a certificate and a few other things.
My SIL loved it and made a point of taking her DS to the wood.

doormat Mon 05-May-03 14:44:05

A personalised bible.

mum2toby Mon 05-May-03 14:47:03

Oh Verona - that's a beautiful idea! Good for a present when someone has just had a baby too!! Was this in the UK??

verona Mon 05-May-03 15:48:12

Hi mum2Toby
Yes it was in the UK. The wood we had trees planted in was in West Sussex. There's a website: (sorry can't do links)

mum2toby Mon 05-May-03 15:51:25

Thanks Verona.

Podmog Mon 05-May-03 17:22:15

Message withdrawn

beetroot Mon 05-May-03 17:39:05

Message withdrawn

crystaltips Mon 05-May-03 17:49:37

I tend to go for more grown up presents. Jewellery that can be worn when they are more grown up.
Maybe I'm missing the point and that should be for 21st etc - but my DD got a lovely Winnie the Pooh painting - and now she wont have it on her wall as "it's too babyish"

donnie Mon 05-May-03 18:47:07

my daughter received some lovely jewellery at her Christening, she is far too youbg at the moment but when she is older she will love it. How about a nice silver chain ? or perhaps a pretty paperweight ?

bubbly Mon 05-May-03 21:35:45

Hi triplets we always did silver teaspoons wiht the childs name engraved. A present they can use but has lasting value (even wiht tooth marks in them)

Claireandrich Tue 06-May-03 20:25:32

DD got lots of lovely presents from toys, baby clothes and nursery things to older children's books (e.g. Chronicles of Nardia set), jewellery, money (lots of money boxes too) She got some silver plated things like hair brush/comb sets, egg cups, etc. She also got a Wedgewood plate (Peter Rabbit design), stainless steel children's cutlery (we are from Sheffield), solid silver napkin holder (or when older), etc.

We got her a white leather bible too.

HZL Tue 06-May-03 21:58:55

When my goddaughter was christened I gave her a piece of Lladro china - a little girl holding a candle (goes along with candle theme already mentioned). My brother gave his godson a REALLY expensive bottle of wine - the idea being that if he keeps it for 20 years he can auction it and go to university on the proceeds.

Furball Tue 06-May-03 22:03:54

Ds was given a 'different' idea, - Some bookends similar to this and some books

snickers Tue 06-May-03 22:11:08

I bought my nephew a beautiful teddybear from the Bear Factory... I just liked it cause I knew he would get everything silver and everything usual, and I figured if you really love a teddy you keep it for life A reminder that you were young once! But I liked the Bear Factory, cause you saw him stuffed, choose a voice for him (or you can record your own "voice", had to kiss a little satin heart and make a wish before it was popped inside and stitched up, and he came with a "birth certificate" which I dated the day of the christening (because it's often a date which is forgotten over time)! They also do the most amazing outfits to dress them up in too!!

Claireandrich Tue 06-May-03 22:13:01

Another vote for the Bear Factory too. DD got a lovely dog for her birth from my younger sister. She had him made all squishy and cuddly too. Dd loves him to bits. Annd they have a great choice.

triplets Wed 07-May-03 14:36:59

Thanks to you all for your ideas, I quite like the thought of a special candlestick, will look in Canterbury next week. Her Mum is into Winnie the Pooh, but as you say its soon grown out of. Feel I should find something religeous and meaningful.

Claireandrich Wed 07-May-03 15:02:40

If you want to go with Winnie the Pooh and want something that will last longer - what about one of the traditional style pooh bears? Even in an older girl's room that would look okay - not too babyish.

rooseveltom Thu 28-Mar-13 15:14:08

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