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Kids' clothing...sizes...what is the chest measurement equivalent to size 7 - 8 yrs?

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Tamz77 Wed 24-Jun-09 19:58:22

Sorry this is probably a very elementary question but I've been googling kids' clothes sizing guides and can't find an absolute answer.

We've been sent an order form for next year's school uniform but the jumpers and tops need to be ordered by chest size. They start at 26/28" and go up to 40". Does anyone know what chest size is equivalent to size 7-8 yrs? DS's current uniform - same school would you believe - has NO size information on the label so I don't know what size he's wearing atm. I've measured his chest and it's 25" but I have no idea whether this means I need to order size 26/28 or add a few inches for roominess.

Dull question of the day I know and I feel a bit daft but EVERYTHING he owns is sized by age (he is nearly 6 but wears 7-8), I've no idea how the chest thing translates.

Thanks for help!

Tamz x

LIZS Wed 24-Jun-09 20:00:48

I'd go for a 28"

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