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YAY! ASDA refunded the price of my bleached buggy!

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BadgerBadger Fri 13-May-05 23:51:59

For anyone who's interested . link\{} was resolved! Received an apology, a cheque for the full price of the buggy and a voucher as well. Asda sent the bleach bottle off to the manufacturers who found that the cap was faulty after all. Thanks for all your advice! (and opinions )

hunkermunker Fri 13-May-05 23:53:08


BadgerBadger Fri 13-May-05 23:53:23

Sorry! here

hotmama Fri 13-May-05 23:53:32

YAY Indeed. I wondered what had happended - did you get anything for your inconvenience and suffering ( and their crap customer service at the store)?

giraffeski Fri 13-May-05 23:55:05

Message withdrawn

bobbybob Sat 14-May-05 00:24:11

Good stuff. See, it's always worth asking.

hub2dee Sat 14-May-05 00:24:45

Told you !!!!

So clever, me.

milge Sat 14-May-05 00:25:38

hooray for Asda - thought they would.

WestCountryLass Sat 14-May-05 20:49:43


moondog Sat 14-May-05 20:52:02

Excellent. Good ole' Asda!

Evesmama Sat 14-May-05 20:57:47

i remember your thread..thats such good news
bet you buy a different one now though

Hausfrau Sat 14-May-05 21:10:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Aero Sat 14-May-05 21:17:31

Yaaaaay - that's great. I missed that thread, but read in full now and FWIW I reckon Asda were responsible too.
Mind you, here speaketh the person who had her Ikea mattress replaced for free after six years of use, (long story and lengthy battle, but their guarantee was for 10 years and that is how long I expected it to last)!

BadgerBadger Sat 14-May-05 22:42:52

Yup, I'm really pleased! I just hope that now they know there's a fault, they do something about it.

DH is well and truly relieved too. I had warned him that someone was going to pay.

Evesmama, I think you might be right there . A great 'try before you buy (again)' opportunity, if ever there was one!

Aero lol @ the Ikea mattress, good on you!

Aero Sat 14-May-05 22:43:45

Socci Sat 14-May-05 22:46:35

Message withdrawn

BadgerBadger Sat 14-May-05 22:46:40

PMSL, DH asked what I was grinning at. I told him Aero's funny .....He's wandered off, shaking his head in bewilderment. (Again!)

Aero Sat 14-May-05 23:32:25

Just seen your last post!! lol Actually, I think Aero is a bona fida certifiable nutter! I just can't let things go if I feel there's an injustice! (And Ikea are more than big enough to carry the cost of their own faulty mattress!)
My Dads Tesco/whiskey story is a corker and I though I was bad! Even I was amazed at his rather ambitious claim!

Aero Sat 14-May-05 23:33:08

that's thought

BadgerBadger Sat 14-May-05 23:35:36

I'm intrigued now! What whiskey story?!?!

Aero Sat 14-May-05 23:41:42

pmsl - I warn you, it may take a while to type..............

BadgerBadger Sat 14-May-05 23:49:09


lilsmum Sat 14-May-05 23:56:34

well done BB, for fighting them too right they should have refunded the buggy price!

Aero Sat 14-May-05 23:57:49

My parents were visiting for ds2's baptism. Dad bought two bottles of a certain expensive (but on special offer, hence two) whiskey. Rather, he took the empty cartons to the till and asked if the price was indeed as marked as seemed a good bargain. They said it was and he said in that case he'd take two, one for celebration and one to take home to my brother (in NI). The assistant went off with the cartons and put the whiskey in them and he duly paid.
The following day was the service and late in the afternoon he went to get his whiskey to share with my SIL's partner amongst others. He then discovered that the wrong whiskey had been put in the cartons - a lesser malt (apparently). Anyway, as it was after 4pm, it couldn't be changed as Tesco's was closed, but Dad felt he couldn't come empty handed, so he opened the bottle and it was shared amongst those who like the vile (imo) stuff.
Next day, he went to Tesco's and complianed about the mistake and the predicament it left him in. Now fair enough, if he'd not opened it, but a whole bottle was drank!! To cut a long story short, he said he'd only be happy when he got a satisfactory outcome. It was Tesco's mistake - they were big enough to carry it blah blah blah...............he left the store with both bottles replaced with the ones he'd asked for in the first place. That to him was satisfactory, so he then purchased another bottle!! (I can see the concern about how much whiskey my Dad was buying here!!, but it wasn't for immediate consumption, honestly!)

Aero Sat 14-May-05 23:58:36

phew - fingers need rest now!!

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