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When should I actually tell the MIL that sons birthday

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babyicebean Wed 24-Jun-09 10:46:06

is NOT on the 31st of February?

She has a great habit of mixing the grandchildrens birthdays up with random dates so she decidied to write them down.

She got the dates in April and she still hasn't realised.

Am I mean to let her stew?

troutpout Wed 24-Jun-09 11:01:48

mmm i'm not sure
How old is she she a bit errm forgetful?
I have 3 relatives that think that ds is a year younger than he is and have sent him the wrong age card every year for about 4 years.
I haven't told them...but then i'm thinking when he gets to 18 they will be upset if they get it wrong.
I would probably tell the mil about the wrong date
errm...i think grin

Frasersmum123 Wed 24-Jun-09 12:42:22

Well I wouldnt bother because she is soon going to realise there isnt a 31st of February and then she will probably ask you for the right date

babyicebean Wed 24-Jun-09 14:04:26

She is not forgetful just totally batty.

Iklboo Wed 24-Jun-09 14:10:12

Embroider her a '28 days has September...' sampler for her next gift grin

TrillianAstra Wed 24-Jun-09 14:11:53


No need to tell her, unless his birthday happens before the end of Feb as you wouldn't want her to miss one.

babyicebean Wed 24-Jun-09 18:57:12

Sorry I should have said his birthday is the 16th of feb.

TrillianAstra Wed 24-Jun-09 22:55:38

AH, then ignore for many many months (pretend you don't know what crazy things she has written in her book) then nearer the time start a conversation about how 'DS's birthday is 2 weeks on Thursday'.

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