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School PTA (or PITA?!!) summer fair - a whinge and a request for help....

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MadreInglese Wed 24-Jun-09 10:29:58

PTA summer fair is coming up in just over a week?s time, I couldn't attend the planning meeting as they changed the date at the last minute (told by text on the original day of the meeting, grumble grumble), but I told the secretary that I'd be willing to help with anything and asked could she let me know after the meeting what job they'd given me and if there was anything I needed to do/get or could I just turn up on the day.

I heard nothing and haven't seen the secretary for a while so I emailed her yesterday to ask what had been decided from the meeting and if there was anything I needed to do. I got a reply saying she was under the impression that I had volunteered to do two games stalls, bring two gazebos for them, and sort all the prizes out hmm no idea where she got that from! I even double checked with her that she wasn't confusing me with another parent but she was adamant that's what she and I had agreed hmm

The secretary is sooo blardy disorganised and every event is so chaotic, she whinges that she gets no help and then doesn't take people up on their offers for help. I even offered to share the role with her a couple of years ago but she won't accept any help, even though others thought it would be a good idea. This is not the first time that I (and other parent volunteers) have had to chase and chase to find out what we're supposed to be doing. To be honest I'm glad that DD is year 6 and I'm hoping that the 2ndry school PTA will be more organised and more enjoyable. I'm a bit peeved as I now have a rush job on to find 50 coconuts and 100 or so very cheap-but-not-cheap-looking prizes in about 5 days (we are away all weekend this weekend).

Now the coconuts I'm sure I can source from a supermarket, and luckily my parents have some gazebos I can borrow, but can anyone recommend somewhere good online (ebay shop maybe?) that I can order some prizes from for the other stall (a kind of target game)? They go mad for inflatable guitars and hammers but with a quick google I can only find them for about £1 each and tbh that will eat into our profit.

Sorry for the loooooong grumble, thanks it you have got this far! Any help or suggestions will be much appreciated.

TheProfiteroleThief Wed 24-Jun-09 10:32:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PandaG Wed 24-Jun-09 10:33:44

what about Baker Ross for prizes? we often use them for our prizes. What a pain that you weren't given more notice.

BestFootForward Wed 24-Jun-09 10:35:51

I feel your Summer Fair pain.

Baker Ross is good for prizes here
We usually order the prizes for each stall in bulk as it works out cheaper- for example the best sellers stall pack is £130 but to buy all hose items individually costs more.

Good luck

MadreInglese Wed 24-Jun-09 10:56:43

oh yes she does minutes, but they are given out at the next meeting which could be 6 weeks later

Baker ross looks good, thanks for that

SoupDragon Wed 24-Jun-09 11:01:32

If you have an "ethnic" area near you, check that for coconuts. We've got a huge bag much cheaper than supermarkets from a small Caribbean (or Asian, not sure!) shop.

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