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SPARKLER1 Fri 13-May-05 22:25:36

We want to take kids swimming tomorrow and don't mind travelling a little to find somewhere if it's really good fun. We live in Poole and have two dds 5 and 3 so something suitable for that age group would be good.
We have plenty of swimming pools here but just fancy going somewhere different that has a bit more offer fun for the kids, ie toys, slides for little kids etc.
Can anyone help please?

SPARKLER1 Fri 13-May-05 22:41:09

Anyone? TIA

ScummyMummy Fri 13-May-05 22:57:46

Sorry Sparkler, don't really know of anywhere anywhere near Poole. Hope others will have good suggestions.

There's a great wave pool with a rapid river and amazing flumes in Dundee! Probably about as far from Poole as you can get...

SPARKLER1 Fri 13-May-05 23:02:44

We've got Splashdown just up the road but it's more for the older children.

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