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Wedding Cancellation Ettiquette

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flamesparrow Fri 13-May-05 15:49:52

How late is bloody rude to cancel going to someone's wedding (main reception, not just evening)?????

And what reasons are "acceptable" ones?

throckenholt Fri 13-May-05 15:51:31

depends on how much they have paid for you to be there, and how likely they are to get someone else to ues the space ?

Reasons - illness, car breakdown um .....

flamesparrow Fri 13-May-05 15:53:32

How about 2 weeks before because you haven't bothered to find anywhere to stay, and now everywhere cheap is booked up because of the bank holiday?

JulieF Fri 13-May-05 15:55:01

I had someone cancel on the day of mine but her husband was taken seriously ill.

I would say that less than a week before was rude as balances have to be paid then except in the case of illness or other major emergency.

Mud Fri 13-May-05 15:56:41

anything less than 2 weeks

good excuses - illness / death of close relative or own family / broken bones / major catastrophe

bad excuses - sick pet / cold / headache / running out of money / not arranged anywhere to stay / no transport

koalabear Fri 13-May-05 15:57:35

i would find a friend that would offer them their sofabed, and then they would have no excuse, but be REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE

happymerryberries Fri 13-May-05 15:59:48

I had to cancel going to someone's wedding 3 days before by my dh was in hospital with a potentialy life thratening condition.

the bride was very understanding, but I couldn't have given a toss what she thought I was so beside myself with worry.

flamesparrow Fri 13-May-05 16:00:03

Lol - the only free place that was spare was offered AGES ago and they said they'd be fine and sort something... has now been taken by someone else.

flamesparrow Fri 13-May-05 16:01:34

With you all on the good reasons

Was your DH ok?

Blu Fri 13-May-05 16:02:19

Tent? I'm sure a MN can lend a tent?

koalabear Fri 13-May-05 16:03:13

if i had accepted an invite to a wedding, and been too disorganised to book cheap accomm, i would take the pain and pay for the more expensive, or hire a car and stay in the closest town - regardless, i don't think it is appropriate to cancel on the bride and groom due to my lack of organisation

send them the link to the local YMCA / youth hostel - better still, have you got a tent?

happymerryberries Fri 13-May-05 16:04:20

Yes, got over that life threatening event (1:10 death rate). he now has a slow form a leukemia! Shit, I swear I should have taken out an extended warenty on the guy

Two cancers, pancreatitis and three wars. Is it any wonder I'm fat and grey?!

flamesparrow Fri 13-May-05 16:04:25

Loving the tent idea!!

I will know for definate next week - so 1 1/2 week's notice!

flamesparrow Fri 13-May-05 16:06:18

Wow - but he's still battling on!

He must have amazing strength - and you!

happymerryberries Fri 13-May-05 16:06:50

This one?

tent for sale

flamesparrow Fri 13-May-05 16:08:18

Sod them - I want that one!!

DD would love it

SoupDragon Fri 13-May-05 16:08:53

I@d be seriously p*ssed off in those circumstaces.

morningpaper Fri 13-May-05 16:10:24

Where is it flamesparrow? Is it in the middle of nowhere? There must be a hotel SOMEWHERE a taxi ride away...? Is it you or whole family?

flamesparrow Fri 13-May-05 16:12:10

Its not me cancelling - its my wedding!

There are places to stay, but apparantly they are too expensive... they were cheaper if you booked longer than 2 weeks before a bank holiday though - I know cos I did research for people who wanted places.

I also asked if they needed help on many different occasions.

Glad to see I'm not just overreacting...

koalabear Fri 13-May-05 16:13:36

tough - they should pay grossly inflated rate as penalty for ineptitude !

almostanangel Fri 13-May-05 16:15:00

flame?? you cancalling?

flamesparrow Fri 13-May-05 16:15:58

Read the thread honey

Guests cancelling on me at the last minute.

almostanangel Fri 13-May-05 16:17:07

ooh i wish i read threads first

almostanangel Fri 13-May-05 16:17:35

lol where did they want to stay then?

flamesparrow Fri 13-May-05 16:32:32

They said they were sorting it themselves (after I offered our place), so I left em to it...

Included letter in invite saying we would help paople who needed help finding places to stay.

Then about 5 weeks ago announced they didn't have anywhere and could I send em a link to the cheap place we had found...

Spoke several times over the last few weeks and kept being told they still hadn't done anything...

Told today that the cheap places are all booked and everywhere else is expensive (funny that on the coast on a bank holiday), and that they will let me know by Wednesday if they are coming or not!

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