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Catalogue orders going missing - anyone had trouble with this?

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Kelly1978 Fri 13-May-05 15:07:40

I don't know if this is the right area but wasn't sure where to post this. Anyway here goes...

I've been usign a catalogue to buy a few things for about 8 months or so, with no problems up until January. Since jsut before Easter though my orders are going missing. I ordered dd soem shoes which were lost, so a replacement was sent, then I ordered a few more bits as well. All have gone missing apart from some cot sheets which came direct from the suppliers and not the catalogue's courier. This has totalled 3 orders of the same pair of shoes, two lots of some baby stuff and about another £150 worth of other stuff.
I've jsut phoned the catalogue again and now they are gettign arsey with me! They now want to investigate it and check if they were signed for, then decide what to do with the account. Basically I got the impression they don't believe me. I pointed out that I'd never had probs before and they said but those were odd orders, not big parcels. True enough, but they were odd orders of expensive items, rather than bigger parcels of cheaper items. I've spent a fair bit of money with them, always paid well ahead of due date, and feel rather pissed off at their attitude.
I'm worried now, cos anyone could have forged a signature - how the hell do I prove I didn't receive the goods? Has anyone been in this situation, or got any advice, please?

sweetmonkey Fri 13-May-05 15:16:24

i've had this before but it should be up to the catalogue to sort out as its their courier company that is in the wrong. bloody winds me up when they accuse you of stuff.
you should tell them to sort it their end as YOU are the customer!! dont do their job for them
ok rant over

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