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Keep getting computer viruses and spyware, is this normal?

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Ulysees Fri 13-May-05 11:02:02

It seems to be happening more regularly now though? I have Panda titanium 2005. I suppose I should be glad they're being detected but I still have to do a scan weekly.

Easy Fri 13-May-05 11:05:01

Yes it is normal.

There is a whole load of rubbish out there, trying to get on to any system it can. Please scan frequently. I don't know Panda, I use norton anti-virus myself, but yes, loads of stuff ready to wreck your system.

Ulysees Fri 13-May-05 11:06:02

cheer Easy

Ulysees Fri 13-May-05 11:06:18

Cheer rather

Ulysees Fri 13-May-05 11:06:39

fgs cheers

lunarx Fri 13-May-05 11:33:45

spyware and ad-ware usually end up on your system based on what sites you visit (nothing implied by this at all!! please dont be offended!!!) if you download mp3s thru a program like Kazaa, it often adds spyware to your PC.

anti-virus software is good to have (no one should be without it, just make sure to keep it updated dh works with computers!=)), but ad-aware is good for catching spyware/adware (its free to download and use!) and also spybot is good (& free!, just follow the link down a bit for the download section, you dont have to donate to use it!)

good luck=)

Ulysees Fri 13-May-05 12:16:34

cheers lunarx, I'll do that now.

lunarx Fri 13-May-05 14:29:15

you're welcome =)

alibubbles Sat 14-May-05 12:27:58

Get a Mac

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