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milk donation

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milkybarkid Fri 13-May-05 09:18:52

Hi, havent been around for ages as unbelievable busy now that baby has arrived, but have finally found time to expres some milk for the special care babies at the local hospital. They came round yesterday to pick up my first 20 bottles and it feels absolutely wonderful to think I am making a difference to these poorly abbies. Anyone else donated milk?

flamesparrow Fri 13-May-05 09:22:56

Planning on it next time round!!!

moondog Fri 13-May-05 09:26:24

God,how fantastic mbk! Went to a wonderful talk given by the m/w who runs Countess of Chester hospital milkbank. Fascinating! She told one story about a mother of twins who had donated over 20 litres!!!!

Would have loved too,but both times didn't have any spare for anyone else.

Fabulour gift. Bet you feel so pround of yourself.

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