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Overheard on the bus this am

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DillyDally Fri 13-May-05 09:18:17

Old Dear One: Mauds daughter has just bought herself a new car
Old Dear Two: what has she got then?
Old Dear One: A fiat Vimto
Old Dear Two: i think it's a Fiat Punto dear

Hulababy Fri 13-May-05 09:19:11


kid Fri 13-May-05 09:19:38


My mum was telling me once that my cousins boyfriend was going to look at a new car. She said she thinks it is a Porche. Turned out to be a Fiesta XR2, just a slight difference

fastasleep Fri 13-May-05 09:20:26

Aww how sweet!

Hermione1 Fri 13-May-05 09:21:50

lmao lol, that;s funny!

morningpaper Fri 13-May-05 09:37:26

An old lady at church last week told me she was very excited because a new Anne Summers was opening in the town and she loved their clothes.

(She meant Anne Harvey - I hope!!!)

DillyDally Fri 13-May-05 09:44:10

Morningpaper..i hope so too.

nailpolish Fri 13-May-05 09:45:36

ROFL mornpaper, that is hilarious!

btw, maybe she DID mean anne summers!!!

fastasleep Fri 13-May-05 09:45:37

That old woman sounds like I'll be when I'm old .

womba1 Fri 13-May-05 09:47:15

My 84 year old Grandmother once recieved a dirty phone call from a bloke asking her if she did blowjobs!!!
She replied..oh, i haven't for a good few years but the chance would be a fine thing!!!
This also the lady who bought a lace thong from M&S and had it hanging outside on the balcony when she went to Poole for a holiday with the Over 60's club!!!
And she looks so frail and innocent....

morningpaper Fri 13-May-05 09:48:20

She was saying things like "Anne Summers clothes always fit me very well, they are very good for larger ladies" and I was becoming more and more horrified before it dawned on me that she must be thinking of Anne Harvey!

DillyDally Fri 13-May-05 09:50:10

Unless Cynthia Payne has become an active member of your local church community?

moondog Fri 13-May-05 09:50:20

tee hee hee at all of these!!!

morningpaper Fri 13-May-05 09:50:34

Hehe womba, sounds like my grandmother. At her son's (my father) 65th birthday party we were sitting in a jacuzzi and she said "Ooh I think I'll join you!" and stripped off to reveal her matching red silk underwear before stepping into the tub!

I can't even manage matching underwear at 30, never mind at 89.... and definitely not red silk! (unless baggy matching shades of gray count)

moondog Fri 13-May-05 09:51:56

What a groover,mp!!

womba1 Fri 13-May-05 09:58:16

After my Grandfather died, my Grandmother started seeing a man almost 20 years her junior. He bought her lots of kinky underwear and when she dumped him, she asked me if i wanted the gear as she thought i'd get more use out of it!!! PURLEAAASSSSEEEEEEE.... as if i'd want her cast offs after knowing exactly what they probably got up to while wearing them.... BARFFFFF!!!!
Plus, they were a little too risque for me..

morningpaper Fri 13-May-05 10:02:52


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