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Homework Help: Please can you tell us an interesting fact about Scotland?

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treacletart Sun 21-Jun-09 09:09:26

Homework Help could be a useful Mumsnet topic dont you think?...

...Anyway, ds needs to be armed with a fascinating Caledonian fact next week - can you help?

bamboobutton Sun 21-Jun-09 09:12:19

haggises have one leg shorter than the other so they can run around the hills faster.<joke>

Edinburgh has an extinct volcano! (that is true)

Heated Sun 21-Jun-09 09:19:03

Edinburgh was the first city in the world which had its own fire-brigade.

Edinburgh – the capital of Scotland, like Rome, was built on seven hills.

Until 1603, Scotland had its own King

treacletart Sun 21-Jun-09 09:42:28

ooh thanks! keep them coming! Volcano fact getting the biggest thumbs up from my 5 year old so far...(he says he alreasdy knew about the haggis legs!)

PerfectPrefect Sun 21-Jun-09 09:50:58

I like the fire service one...probably a bit less likely to have been covered by someone else.

NorthernLurker Sun 21-Jun-09 09:56:18

The isle of Skye has a thousand miles of coastline - lots of in and out bits!

NorthernLurker Sun 21-Jun-09 09:57:36

Oooh and the wearing of tartan was banned by the English in the 18th century

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