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do u ever think you worry too much?

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misdee Thu 12-May-05 22:04:07

cos i do.

expatinscotland Thu 12-May-05 22:05:23

i don't just think, i know i worry too much.

kid Thu 12-May-05 22:05:36

I think you are entitled to worry though Misdee. You certainly are having a tough time lately.

darlingbud Thu 12-May-05 22:06:04

I sure do.

kid Thu 12-May-05 22:06:18

I try not to worry unnecessarily. But I'm sure I do!

misdee Thu 12-May-05 22:06:40

had hospoital appoitnemt with dd1 today, and know dd3 is due an appointment soon at a different hospital. too much worry, too many hospitals.

jambutty Thu 12-May-05 22:07:07

all the time. When I don't worry I worry I'm not worrying and think I've missed something.

Spacecadet Thu 12-May-05 22:07:31

i worry all the time, then if i wake up in the morning and dont have any to worry about, i worry about having nothing to worry about.

berolina Thu 12-May-05 22:07:42

Yes I do. I think you have a lot more entitlement to worry than I do, misdee.

QueenEagle Thu 12-May-05 22:08:09

pmsl @ SC!

jambutty Thu 12-May-05 22:09:56

Now spacecadet, I'm worried that you're worrying as much as I am.

lemonice Thu 12-May-05 22:12:12

Yes, and it's totally not worth it because however worrying your worries are worrying is completely unproductive. Twelve months later most have gone and been replaced by others

QueenEagle Thu 12-May-05 22:12:59

Very philosophical, lemonice.

jessicasdaddy Thu 12-May-05 22:19:28

i always worry about my family to much. but thats because i love them so much.

im sure its the same for you misdee, so dont worry that you worry to much cause you dont!

Spacecadet Thu 12-May-05 22:24:11

jambutty im worried that you are worried that im worried as much as you.

Nemo1977 Thu 12-May-05 22:25:15

constantly and then stress over being so worried

Hulababy Thu 12-May-05 22:28:07

Yes, I worry about things far too much. Stopped watching the 10 o'clock news because I worry about things I can't do anything about and keep myself awake. I an always find something to worry about.

jambutty Thu 12-May-05 22:30:53

Space cadet, don't worry

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