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Berrie, Lyra, Oggs and Zeb chat thread 14

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oggsfrog Sat 20-Jun-09 09:11:40


ZebsRoomofHerOwn Sat 20-Jun-09 10:29:01

Sorry, they made me get busy again. sad No, I didn't get the dress in the end, but caved yesterday and bought something from Phase Eight which made me feel that I looked good, rather than fat and frumpy. grin
Just waiting for DS to turn up, then we're off.

And Spotify, you don't need to be referred, just click on the Free option on the website. Can't see how you can transfer to an ipod though. I'll investigatet more....

LyraSilvertongue Sat 20-Jun-09 23:12:35

Greetings ladies.
I've just this minute finished making DS2's 5th birthday cake (birthday tomorrow). Icing the damned thing took forever - DS2 wanted it a particular shade of orange, with a rainbow on it.
His party is tomorrow and I've got tons to do still. We've hired a bouncy castle which should arrive in the morning and hopefully it won't rain.
Poor DS2 didn't have the best last-day-of-being-four. We took him to a fete at a school nearby and he went on the pony ride. Someone chucked a ball into the path of the pony, which jumped up and threw DS2 off. He handed face down on the hard ground. I was frozen to the spot for a minute then dashed over to him, to find him with a mouth full of blood, shrieking his head off. Poor love was distraught. He asked 'mummy, why didn't you catch me?' sad
We ended up taking him to A&E to get checked over because he went all floppy and just wanted to sleep and said his head and neck hurt but they reckon he's ok, apart from a bruised cheek, a split lip and a nasty cut on the inside of his cheek.
I still feel sick every time I think of it - seeing his little legs fly up in the air as the pony threw him. <shudder> And it was his first time on a pony.
We've certainly had our money's worth out of A&E in the last week or so. Like Berrie, we may have to arrange to have our own seats reserved.

oggsfrog Sun 21-Jun-09 00:25:59

Oh no shock! Poor ds2 sad!.

Let's hope that tomorrow more than makes up for it and that he's feeling much better in the morning. Poor love.

It must be a day for horse riding accidents... when I picked dd up from her Pony Club today (3 hrs of riding and mucking about at the stables), she said that one of the girls had fallen off and broken her wrist!

Hopefully Zeb's wedding will not have involved anybody on horseback.

MelonCauli Sun 21-Jun-09 01:40:08

God yet another one to hide

oggsfrog Sun 21-Jun-09 10:55:55


ZebsRoomofHerOwn Sun 21-Jun-09 16:09:50

Great wedding. No accidents with horses, although one friend fell over, totally hammered and grazed her knee. Does that count?

LyraSilvertongue Sun 21-Jun-09 21:03:04

Bog off MelonCauli.
DS had a great day with 20 friends. Exhausting for mummy and daddy though. The bouncy castle was a big hit. Now DS1 wants one for his party next month.
I can't believe my baby is 5 already. And my big baby's going to be 7. sad
DS2's lip and cheek look terrible but he was well enough to throw himself about on the bouncy castle all day so he must be fine.

oggsfrog Mon 22-Jun-09 07:20:10

Glad ds2 had a lovely birthday.

It's scary isn't it how quickly they grow up? Dd will be in her penultimate year of Primary school next year shock eek!

Did ds enjoy the wedding Zeb?

Berrie is back today/tonight I think. Hope they all had a super relaxing accident free holiday smile.

That's very restrained of you Lyra grin.
I was in a bit of a mood yesterday and MelonCauli almost got the brunt of it.
Ffs. That's what the hide button is for. She was attention seeking, just like a toddler. Pfft. Then I got over it and just yawned.

Tbh I don't really go on the rest of mn anymore. I can go weeks and weeks without leaving this thread. 3 years on and I'm a bit weary of all the bitching and bickering.

LyraSilvertongue Mon 22-Jun-09 11:40:35

DS2 is off school today. He's ok really but his mouth hurts and he's had a lot going on this weekend, so a quiet day at home with mummy is what he needs right now. He's stood beside me going 'what does that say, what does that say' as I type, which is really annoying. grin

Berrie Mon 22-Jun-09 21:30:23


Not read back yet...not done much at all. Am knackered!
VERY glad to be home though had some very nice times but there is a bit of a story! grin Come now, you didn't expect to hear a rosy tale from me!

Got things to do but will be back to you tomorrow!

Missed you! grin

oggsfrog Mon 22-Jun-09 21:58:51

Wooooo! Missed you too grin.

Do you have tales of French A&E grin

Berrie Mon 22-Jun-09 22:02:22

No not that bad...just official complaints and regular checking of available flights home.
Gotta go to bed. 6.30 am wake up is going to be a bit of a shocker!

LyraSilvertongue Tue 23-Jun-09 00:22:42

Glad to have you back, Berrie. Looking forward to hearing all about it...

oggsfrog Tue 23-Jun-09 07:17:00

Good morning smile

Should hopefully get my passport back sometime this week. Dh just asked if I had a contingency plan.
I said 'yes... panic' grin

Berrie Tue 23-Jun-09 07:42:36

Oh oh oh what is tht all about Oggs?

Still no time to read back!

oggsfrog Tue 23-Jun-09 08:50:06

Abridged version...

I booked flights to my Mums and Dad's
I realised that I could neither use my driving licence for id, nor check in at the airport.
I panicked
I cried
I looked at train travel instead
I panicked
I spent lots and lots of time and money getting together passport applications for me and dd and got extremely pissed off in the meantime

Now I wait

oggsfrog Tue 23-Jun-09 09:07:44

A welcome home present... (just to prove nothing has changed in your absence wink)...

Robert Pattinson has been voted the sexiest man on the planet by Heat readers.

Maybe wait until you are on your own. Maybe have a bucket to catch drool grin

Berrie Tue 23-Jun-09 09:35:57


LyraSilvertongue Tue 23-Jun-09 09:40:13

Yeah, he looks pretty good with his shirt off. But he's still not my Edward.
So glad they ditched the daft hair - he looks so much better in this film. They need to go back and remake Twilight and do it properly this time.

LyraSilvertongue Tue 23-Jun-09 09:41:28

DS2 back at school today. Poor love was hiding his face because he's so embarrassed about his injuries. He wouldn't even show his little girlfriend (who he's going to marry, he's announced).

oggsfrog Tue 23-Jun-09 09:49:56

pretty good Lyra? shock is that all? <dribbles>

The abs are painted on thankfully.

LyraSilvertongue Tue 23-Jun-09 09:57:29

Painted on?
Looks like he worked out for this movie (which he should have done for the first one).

oggsfrog Tue 23-Jun-09 10:14:34

Pff. Away with you woman grin.

He did work out for this one, along with wolfy boy, but that six pack is mainly a result of make-up.

Berrie Tue 23-Jun-09 12:34:15

Oggs, you know waaaay too much about RP! grin

Have caught up now...what a lot of drama, Zeb's exdh, Lyra's ds, Oggs and her passport!


We had lots of lovely times but our first week was spoiled by the reps who were camped close to us and partied until late every night, music, shouting and yawping loutishly, swearing, girls screaming, shouted conversations e.g, I've never tried anal sex or been with a prostitute but... We complained directly to them, complained to the camp site itself, rang the regional manager and finally made an official complaint. We swapped tents for the second week but that was mired by problems with DH's Dad in hospital (alone if you remeber as DBIL away too)We spent that week feeling terribly guilty and powerless and deciding to come home / not come home.
Oh yes and I lost my purse with 150 euro in it. Of course the insurance want about 50,000 pieces of evidence including a police loss report which I don't have. I did go to the Police station and asked the big man behing the glass, 'Vous Parlez anglais?' He fiked me with a mean eye and gruffly reponded, 'NON!' We established when and where I lost my purse but my French did not stretch to a request for some sort of loss repory, not that I knew I needed one. Ah well, I'm working on trying to get some other sort of evidence. was nice to have some time together, the kids had a whale of a time in the sea and pool and there were lots of sunny days. smile

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