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Just noticed biro on leather sofa

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nutcracker Thu 12-May-05 15:58:44

Anyone know how to get it off ???? Have tried wiping it with damp cloth but that didn't work.

Fio2 Thu 12-May-05 16:00:42

hairspray I think

my son wrote his name in nailvarnish on ours and i still havent managed to get it off

nutcracker Thu 12-May-05 16:01:59

Ahhh right will try that, thanks


HJ Thu 12-May-05 16:02:28

Wet wipes got the marks off my sofa!

Gwenick Thu 12-May-05 16:07:11

Some biro's will come off with hairspray (preferablly cheap stuff - infact the cheaper the better). Unfortunately some types of biro is MUCH harder to get I know I've got 11 "T"'s on the back of one of our white leather recliners, and several squiggles, circles and lines on the side and back at the moment

A friend recommended a small amount of white spirit (but check a small area first), and to wipe it with soapy water/wipes/whatever afterwards or the white spirit or it soaks into the leather and ruins it............the sooner you get the pen off the better as it'll soak into the leather!

Kayleigh Thu 12-May-05 16:11:40

there are a few tips on TipKing , including the hairspray one

nutcracker Thu 12-May-05 16:13:07

Right the wet wipe didn't work. The hairspray seems to have a got a bit of it off but I don't know how long the marks been there so it might not come off at all.

nutcracker Thu 12-May-05 16:16:15

Thanks for that Kayleigh, have just rubbed some vaseline into it now cos you could se where i'd been rubbing at it.

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