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trying to sned my dad a book token via canadian website and they want me to effing jump through hoops

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brimfull Thu 18-Jun-09 17:03:25

fax a photo of my credit card and the top of my credit card bill to verify my address

becasue I am an international customer sending somethign to canadian address

want to tell them to go fuck their canadian arses
but need to send fathers day thing


I need al alternative so I can tell them to nob off

Molesworth Thu 18-Jun-09 17:04:06

What about an Amazon gift certificate instead?

ilovemydogandmrobama Thu 18-Jun-09 17:04:40

What about Send a gift certificate. I do it all the time for my American family

brimfull Thu 18-Jun-09 17:06:05

what an e-certificate?

canada is sooo dinosaur like when it comes to online shopping

ilovemydogandmrobama Thu 18-Jun-09 17:12:40

gift certificates

Or what about Borders?

brimfull Thu 18-Jun-09 17:28:28


have sent him an amazon e-voucher

and sent the canadian shite lot a shitty email

hana Thu 18-Jun-09 17:32:05

you can do e-certs for and as well.

agree that online shopping in Canada is years behind the UK!

Jacksmama Thu 18-Jun-09 17:33:19

Errrrr... I live in Canada and I disagree angry.

Having said that, ggirl, can I help in some way?

brimfull Thu 18-Jun-09 17:38:09

yes jacksmama-give me a list of shops that I can order stuff online from here to send to my parents in canada

I tried doing this last yr and it was a joke.
I'd love it to have improved.

brimfull Thu 18-Jun-09 17:38:49

hana-chapters was the one that were being so awkward about me having an address outside cnanda

Jacksmama Thu 18-Jun-09 17:41:16

You should be able to at - if you have access to Paypal I believe you can pay using that instead of a credit card. I know it works from Germany which is where my father lives. If it doesn't, I can always order whatever it is for you, and you can pay me via bank-email or international money order.

Jacksmama Thu 18-Jun-09 17:42:17

Never mind. I see you've got it sorted.

brimfull Thu 18-Jun-09 17:46:38

how kind of you to offer jacksmama-thank yousmile

hana Thu 18-Jun-09 18:33:51

jacksmama - Im Canadian and I disagree - there is far more choice in the UK (I live in London) - I do most of my shopping online and there just isn't the same breadth offered. Other things too like donating to various charities have only recently been put online or magazine subscriptions (I get 1 for my sisters) were late compared to the UK. Maybe it's a population thing, dunno. put please don't be angry smile

brimfull Thu 18-Jun-09 19:25:07

it is utterly archaic with regards to online shopping

I have tried to think why and the only reason I can think of is the sheer vastness of the place and how this would curtail deliveries

shopping in canada is pretty dire though comapred to the UK

hana Mon 22-Jun-09 16:42:21


do you get mcleans?
on the cover was spoiler for inside article called
'Is Canada a consumer backwater?'

now I'm all for defending my homeland in most things but I had to laugh!

brimfull Tue 23-Jun-09 13:38:27

see I am right
must read the article, thanks

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