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Ive Just Had a Heated Argument..

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Evesmama Thu 12-May-05 12:59:14

with DD about who loves eachother more
she says she loves me more..i say i love her more...this could go on for some time

what a nice argument to have though

MarsLady Thu 12-May-05 12:59:57

fastasleep Thu 12-May-05 13:01:20

Awww I used to have those with my DH (puke!)

fuzzywuzzy Thu 12-May-05 13:06:12

fastasleep, my assistant had one of those conversations at work oneday, the lovebirds topped it off by having an argument about who should hang the phone up first!!! I am so not romantic and really wanted to resolve the issue by hanging the phone up for them...but didn't young love <puke>

fastasleep Thu 12-May-05 13:07:11

Oh god we did that too... 30 minutes was spent once.. 'no you hang up.... YOU....No...YOU!.... I love you yoooouuuuuuu...aww he hung up! ' lol

Evesmama Thu 12-May-05 13:19:47

now shes being kind and giving me a break on here while shes engrosed in maggie and the ferocious beast

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