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Philippat Fri 02-May-03 12:20:53

It's here when you need it (without GF influence, although I do wonder if that will make it more boring). The other one can still be used in emergencies, of course.

The Dalai's bringing the lamas and the llamas. Please pick up your mooncups, placenta, yak hair beanbags etc and bring them round. Don't forget the wine.

I'll start the ooooooommmmmmmmmmm-ing

ks Fri 02-May-03 12:24:36

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Fri 02-May-03 16:45:12

Ahhhhh..... peace and quiet.

Please tell me someone remembered to move the composting toilets too?

hmb Fri 02-May-03 16:54:44

And I thought that we were going to get the Fung Shui expert in before we moved it. I'm sure that this aspect isn't the most productive you know. I'm going to go off in a huff any minute.
Oh, and I hope we are all going to ignore the woment in the other yurt, they are not *our* sort of people you know.......

emwi Fri 02-May-03 19:21:09

Fantasic. I was hoping someone would set up the yurt again. I'm limiting myself to 15 minutes on mumsnet and have to go (timer's just gone) still left me more relaxed though.

bossykate Fri 02-May-03 19:44:50

hello. am new to the yurt. is it for whingeing or for calming down after you have had your rant elsewhere?

ks Fri 02-May-03 19:47:27

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Fri 02-May-03 19:48:30

bossykate, there is always peace in the yurt...there is nettle wine, ebm or amniotic tea to help you achieve perfect calm after the hurly burly of somewhere like the education thread. Welcome

judetheobscure Fri 02-May-03 20:00:36

I am in need of some of the calming influence of the yurt too - having also been foolishly tempted into posting controversially on several threads - I think I will spend the rest of the evening here, keeping my head low. Can I bring some other animals in? Not too keen on llamas myself although no objection to others having them. Rather fancied some goldfish or is that very un-yurtish?

bossykate Fri 02-May-03 20:08:39

thankyou, www. well i think i am making progress as i have not been drawn into the private v. state education thread despite thinking, yeah now it's time for my 2c, a number of times.

ks, saw the post you are referring to. sorry, to which you are referring - have never got over that grammar thread we had a while back! not surprised you felt the need to react strongly, that's all i'll say.

perhaps i will find a thread on which to have my rant and then come back for a slug of nettle wine.

see you all later.

suedonim Fri 02-May-03 20:26:03

Blimey - can I come in and hide from the Shock & Awe campaign going on out there?? I just need to knit myself a flak jacket from umbilical cords. The bullets just slide off, apparently.

Jude, I can supply some goldfish. They're dried and it's a bit sad when their little dessicated eyes are looking at you, but they are no trouble to keep at all.

hmb Fri 02-May-03 20:27:24

I've got some tropical fish, if you like I can bring them to the Yurt. Nice and restful, when they arn't dying. Dd's comment, 'Mummy, when the fish die, and we get a puppy.' I think she has seen me kill too many house plants and realises that the fish may not last long.......

WedgiesMum Fri 02-May-03 20:48:56

Is there space for me and my stressed out rat? Just looked at the Education thread and ran for cover, have been following it and now am frightened to join... Poor Jerry Mouse (the rat) is getting a bit scabby, I think it's because DD keeps throwing chocolate and biscuits in at him when I'm not looking..... I promise he won't eat the fish, but he might like a run around inside everyones goat hair vests..And I can bring a lovley hand made rug with me.....

griffy Fri 02-May-03 21:01:41

Oh - me too, obviously my calming aura earlier today failed miserably.

I don't think I'll be joining in again over there. It's all getting a bit personal.

Hey ho - I'll get langered on nettle wine in here instead and let it all wash over me!

ks - hmb - judetheobscure - and all else recently bruised: lots of cyberhugs. xxx

bossykate Fri 02-May-03 21:32:46

well, i have managed to have my rant off-mumsnet, so pass the nettle wine, please!

WideWebWitch Fri 02-May-03 22:21:27

suedomim, and hmb about killing things!

Marina Fri 02-May-03 22:34:02

I'm coming in to hide too. Peace and love, ks and other education refugees.

badmamma Fri 02-May-03 22:39:55

*bursts in knocking over flask of amniotic fluid and spilling WWW's bong*

You can run but you can t hide!

griffy Fri 02-May-03 22:48:54

badmamma - tee hee hee

All are welcome in the yurt - provided that they do not alarm the llamas.

Ghosty Fri 02-May-03 23:14:23

I just can't get the energy up to contribute to bteastfeeding v. bottle feeding thread or to private v. state eduction thread ...
So ... I will just relax on the hair bean bag ... have a drag of some of that lovely smelling weedy stuff you've got there ... take a sip of nettle wine and a bit of placenta pie and just chill ...
Well, only for 45 minutes and then I have to be up and dressed and kicking on my playmat for an hour before I have my pureed vegatables ... then would someone mind putting me to sleep in a very dark room for no longer than 2 hours?
Thanks ... I might then be up to taking part in aforementioned discussions ...

tigermoth Sat 03-May-03 01:44:53

I have been stumbling around in the dark for far too long and have only just bumped into the yurt. I'm coming inside with my sleeping bag. I'll be very quiet, I promise. Goodnight everyone.

winnie1 Sat 03-May-03 06:31:21

Just thought I'd stop by here with my organic natural yogurt and fennel tea and calm down after being bombarded with bouncy condom throwing two and a half year old! Glad it was so early in the morning as he managed to throw the box out of the window straight into the street

suedonim Sat 03-May-03 07:15:42

WWW, I'm shocked, *shocked*! that you think I could kill anything! No, the little creatures commit suicide at the walls of our yurt, for the greater benefit of womankind! They are selfless, thinking only of others and are an exemplary model for modern communal living.

bea Sat 03-May-03 07:34:37

is there any room to hang the odd washable nappy? they're clean... just dunked them in the river... and they do have pretty patterns on them!

SoupDragon Sat 03-May-03 09:16:28

Do you think we can set up a still? The nettle wine is giving me a terrible hang over and I thought maybe moonshine might be better.

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