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Anyone had laser eye surgery or know anyone who has?

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romany4 Wed 11-May-05 20:44:47

I am thinking about it but have read things today which made me shudder!
Also am a bit worried about risks involved because obviously I don`t want to end up with damaged eyes.

Caligula Wed 11-May-05 20:54:10

My sister had it done. No problems at all, that was five years ago. However, her sight is starting to deteriorate again, so it doesn't actually guarantee not having to wear glasses again.

throckenholt Wed 11-May-05 20:56:59

have a look here - someone on another forum I read posted a lot of detail after her surgery.

Janh Wed 11-May-05 20:57:56

FWIW opticians don't generally have it done themselves.

Janh Wed 11-May-05 20:58:24

But have you seen about the new special contact lenses that you wear at night which change your cornea?

Janh Wed 11-May-05 21:00:54

OrthoK - someone on MN has got them but can't remember who. She is thrilled though.

JoolsToo Wed 11-May-05 21:04:02

yes thats what struck me Jan - that the specialists don't have it themselves!

Also I have quite a bit of laser eye surgery for an eye condition I have - so I wouldn't have it done to correct my shortsightedness - it just doesn't seem that important when my specs do a decent job - can't even be bothered with contact lenses now either.

hunkermunker Wed 11-May-05 21:05:15

I have Ortho-k and am thrilled. Mostly because of the lenses, but a girl can be thrilled for other reasons, right? Else what is the world coming to?!

JanH - will forgive you for not remembering it was me

Caligula Wed 11-May-05 21:07:12

Wow. Those ortho K things sound like magic. Where can I get 'em?!

hunkermunker Wed 11-May-05 21:07:46

If you're in West London, or close, you can go to my optician

CAT me and I'll send you the details.

Caligula Wed 11-May-05 21:07:47

HM tell me tell me tell me, oh Oracle!!

hunkermunker Wed 11-May-05 21:09:10

Just did!

There are other opticians in the country who offer them - not many at the moment though. You could lobby Specsavers or one of the other big opticians to provide ortho-k though - they are amazing!

sweetkitty Wed 11-May-05 21:09:13

I had it done 2 and a half years ago and it's brilliant! Went from being as blind as a bat to perfect eyesight overnight.

I do know opticians that have had it done and it reassured me that during my op two of the assistants has had it done as well.

Caligula Wed 11-May-05 21:09:13

No I'm in Medway but I'm all agog to hear all about them. How long have you had them? (Sorry for thread hijack Romany, but this might be a better option for you!

hunkermunker Wed 11-May-05 21:15:54

Can't remember exactly how long I've had them - a couple of months, I suppose. I wear them for about 7 hours each night, they're dead comfy, just slightly bigger than gas permeables (they're rigid gas permeable lenses). You put them in before you go to bed (can read in them for a bit first if you like), then wake up with 20/20 vision.

Because I wore rigid gas permeables to correct my sight anyway, I had to leave my lenses out for a month so that my eyes went back to normal - any contact lens changes the shape of your cornea to a certain extent. My eyesight actually got worse - my eyes had been slightly corrected by my ordinary lenses anyway.

My eyes were about -5 and -4.5 and the -5 had 1.73 astigmatism too. But they're 20/20 now My eyes went to something like -2.5 and -1.25 after the first day (am sure the exact figures are on MN somewhere - I've talked about it before!), so I wore soft lenses that day, but the next day, I had good enough for driving eyesight, the day after it was 20/20.

For some people, it doesn't work. I have particularly malleable corneas - mine is the worst prescription my optician's worked on and he was surprised to get such a good result.

Caligula Wed 11-May-05 21:20:38

So what's the theory? Does it eventually change your cornea completely so that you have wonderful perfect sight? (Or do you have to go one wearing them forever?)

hunkermunker Wed 11-May-05 21:23:20

It flattens the cornea enough that you can see perfectly. You do need to keep wearing the lenses - it doesn't change the shape of your eye permanently. But I figured that I would either need spectacles or contact lenses during my waking hours every day anyway, the only "permanent" method of sight correction was laser surgery, but I wasn't prepared to take the risk as I know how unlucky I usually am!

Apparently some people only need to use them once every two nights to maintain results - it would seem that as my corneas are malleable, they spring back to short-sightedness pretty quickly - I tried leaving them out one night and woke up blurred again - though not nearly as bad as before!

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